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I hold these truths

One “final” push here. With the fact of who I am and what has happened during that month in February, it is incredibly hard for me to show you easily why this is so important for me; it is not self-evident and takes some time to fully comprehend. What I ask is to think differently for once and to stay with me even if it may seem stranger than even some paranormal type stories but it’s indeed the truth. I go by my word, to the word of God the holy father even. Struck down if it is not and cross my heart and hope to die. I went this far to document all this to the best of my ability and added information along the way and I hope it is not in vain.

Believe me, I thought like you and nearly dismissed things of what was happening but I stuck through it because of my compassion. It is all truly an amazing thing that happened to me and Benjamin. A teenager becoming possessed by a spirit twin and himself attached to other spirits who follow him and protect him from harm. A powerful spirit that was with Benjamin for many years only wanting one thing, a spirit attached to a girl, his lover that died. All he wanted was spiritual love. Benjamin’s helper spirits who are attached to him; Veronica and Jessica protect him from death and keep evil from overcoming him. Things such as the time when he was cut all over his body from Emotion spirit and they helped him to heal in record time and made the doctors have a run for their money. Even the name meanings are amazing – everything making sense to what function they provide. Bianca being the other side to the twin spirit, the name meaning “white” or “shining” and Bianca being the good side of that spirit – code named Emotion. And the helper spirit attached to Benjamin; Jessica meaning “foresight” or being able to see into the future – and her actually being able to look into the near future within a day and knowing time itself. Also the fact with our names; my middle names meaning supplant and light and my first and last meaning: sea or water (a body of water) and “a foreigner.” Benjamin’s name meaning “son of the south” and “right hand of God” and his last name Lui meaning “kill or destroy.” If you look into it more it has meaning for what we seem to represent here. The simple fact that out of all people to have known this Benjamin online and to run into him there and to have all this happen is also incredible.

So if nothing was done something horrible could have continued to happen during the lunar eclipse – the early morning of February 11th – Emotion spirit, intent on “killing us all”, “all us idiots.” While possessing Benjamin he was going to destroy all of the Los Angeles area in literally a flash since he can move while possessed like that at really high speeds and hover off the ground among other abilities. The swat team was destroyed by him in seconds just using Benjamin’s hand. He has said, “was this my weapon for the war?” referring to his hands and that “he can’t die” – the bullets do nothing. The thing that possessed Benjamin is not human, doesn’t like us and just wants the love of Carly attached to Chelsea – which he finally received on February 27th after the solar eclipse. The fact that two different things happened on these eclipses; one good, one bad is also what amazes me. I refer to the spirit as the Antichrist spirit since it is a part of two extremes, one part bad and one part good but I am unsure what it truly is. So if I wasn’t there to keep Benjamin’s spirits up – evil (Blake) may have lost control of Benjamin early and killed him to go after Chelsea to kill her to release his love into the air – a spirit named Carly attached to Chelsea. He would have grown impatient and done so, his note he wrote to Benjamin was a promise that if Benjamin doesn’t reunite with Chelsea that that is what would be done. I represented the healer in this situation for Benjamin – a healer of his mental state and returning Chelsea to him for him to heal. It was my purpose in this, to heal and comfort Benjamin before the unthinkable happened in the Los Angeles area. Emotion spirit has said he would “destroy all in this city” and release more than what he had if Chelsea was not returned to him in time – yes demons of himself and spirits of hell that seek to kill is what he said he would unleash. It would be terribly similar to Beyond Two Souls video game with entities being released from a portal to the other side. He has threatened to kill me off as well if I failed the mission. I have felt like a savior to everyone being the only one who truly understood and stopped this from happening. Now of course everything seems to be good now and they are happy together now with Emotion spirit being supportive of me. Emotion spirit told me that Benjamin cherishes me and will remember my name always.

This is why I need someone who is intensely patient and understanding like I am. I am not here to be put down for this belief – this truth. I am here hoping that you would understand this truth and take heart to how honest I am willing to be. It is not superstition or pure coincidence. It is quite incredible for this to happen in this way. I will go to my grave with this like I’ve said before.

Now I ask of you to read through everything and try not to dismiss me.

I pray that Chelsea and Benjamin will now be together forever. It has to be this way or bad things WILL HAPPEN on Earth. Emotion told Benjamin that he and Chelsea must be together until death parts them. That was the agreement so Blake (Emotion spirit) can be with Carly. And again, this is nonfiction and not fictional.

Check out this song by Starix & Freakpass – No One Else

(Benjamin’s song for me in a way)

With love and light, always!~


Some other “minor” experiences

With the story over for now, I still wanted to show something that was divine / spiritual-related for me. So here are a listing of some of my other experiences I’ve had that are divine / spiritual-related.


On February 11th, the night (early morning) after the snow moon, lunar eclipse, and comet I had prayed for guidance of the holy angels to protect me, aid me and provide guidance for me. I proceeded to visit my local cemetery looking for any good spirits that night since I didn’t know who else to turn to at the time. When I arrived, I started to feel the power of the universe literally pushing, pulling towards me as I walked through the cemetery and it felt euphoric and empowering! I was just walking around the cemetery and asking for their guidance and aid. I saw many a spirit that night, with light green orbs coming from the ground and appearing before me near some of the grave stones at night. There were about 20 of them but they seemed to disappear after a little while though. The green orb represents healing, a guide or teacher, an ascended master or archangel. Though, when I returned home and went into bed, I had the complete opposite of an oppression, but holy blessings and it felt like love has flowed over me and I was being tickled (yes tickled) feeling intense love and kindness like that of a child. The tickling felt over whelming on me as I tossed and turned from it and was laughing. I was surrounded by these orbs before I slept that night but I didn’t feel dread, despair or depression, etc. All I felt was pure joy, love and happiness! I felt full bliss, like being a child once more! I just loved the Earth and everything on it! All I wanted to do was hug Chelsea and Benjamin in a group hug together at the time. Yes, felt as if I was touched by angels – supernatural beings of light and love. On a day as mystical as that with a full snow moon, lunar eclipse and comet, I won’t miscount that occurrence being anything else. I knew what I felt and saw. Hearing wind chimes literally at my ear the night before on the 10th which indicates that an angel or two is near. I felt like it was my spiritual awakening happening at the same time. (February 11th, 2017 early morning)

This was after my time with Benjamin, after the good things happened that brought Chelsea and Benjamin back together. I shut off every light before I went on a nap in the evening and I asked the holy angels, the archangels, the spirit guides and teachers, for aid and guidance on what I should continue to do, to offer me protection from evil and to possibly show me signs within a dream. When I awoke from my slumber, I decided to close my eyes again and as I looked to the right and left of me slowly with my eyes closed, I saw flashes of pale light blue light for about 4-5 seconds and it looked like two humanoid figures with wings both looking towards me. When my eyes were closed, I also saw flashes of light now and then, even though my room was pitch black. I had called upon Archangel Michael for protection while I napped so it must have been him. I also did see some sort of sign before me as I woke, but it seemed to fade away from my vision pretty quick. (March 12th, 2017)

On another day circa March 8th-12th, I was speaking to my angels and I got really excited and started to laugh in pure bliss, joy and love. As I did this and was smiling quite heavily and telling them what my plans were. I then looked over at my phone and saw notices out of nowhere pop up on my phone that said something on the lines of, “he’s quite different”. I was amazed when I saw this and was really happy just knowing that my angels or good spirits were with me and noticed this.

On two separate occasions while at school I would go out to a dark area to watch the shooting star showers. On both occasions I would see this orb of light in the sky moving around strangely and would pulsate. Then it suddenly stopped, shot up and vanished at incredible speed. I thought this had to be an UFO but in fact I think what I saw was actually an angel. An angel’s brilliant white light. (2013 / 2014)

One night as I was falling asleep, I suddenly saw a yellow-orange orb above my bed towards the ceiling fan. It sort of pulsated a bit and sat there for about a minute and then slowly faded away in a few seconds. I was completely near sleep and had almost no energy to try to get up. It was a few months after my grandfather passed away. I feel he was visiting me or someone was. According to the spirit orb color guide it was a guide/teacher or a guardian spirit. This was circa 2002-2003 when I was 14/15

One time while I was completely alone (and had checked thoroughly after) I heard my first name come out of nowhere. It was from behind me if I can remember. It sounded like my mother or it was just motherly. No one I knew recently had passed away who was female but I heard my name loud and clear. It chilled me to the bone and stopped me in my tracks as I was walking upstairs. This was circa 2001.


That concludes my experiences I’ve had, explained to the best of my ability.


With love and light, always!~


P.S. Be sure to go through my non-fiction story from the prologue!

My Ascension Sickness and Evolution

With my progress on my ascension sickness I have experienced the higher vibrations of the divine. My chakras have opened and evolved – I try to balance them the best I can now. My spiritual perception has also increased, my intuition and general perception has skyrocketed. Back in February, I had a compassion for the Earth, for humanity and other beings I never thought I had after what happened to me and Benjamin on the night of the snow moon. It explains the vibrations I had which I couldn’t explain when I shook involuntarily and thought there was an earthquake or a truck going by which there was not. Also, divine synchronicity which is a concept which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no casual relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related – which I’ve had plenty of but it seems more than coincidences to me.

I’ve had a lot of symptoms occur while I had all this happen to me however. Challenges, emotional struggles and mental and physical pain all occurred to me. I had trouble with my emotions had mental and physical pains on my head around my forehead that didn’t feel like the normal headache or migraine – It felt like a numbing sensation, it was different. Changes happened to me on the level of mind, body, spirit and emotion. My vibrational energy has become lighter, my conscious awareness has expanded and my thoughts, emotions and beliefs have changed – especially that night of the snow moon on February 11th. My physical body is shifting to hold increased levels of light. There is a tingling that happens around my forehead and I can never put my finger on it as to why it happens and my doctor doesn’t know why I have this happen either. I also at times get a rush of energy flow through me like electricity. I feel this tingling happen at the top of my head and at times in my hands – it is the divine light flowing in and around me. Whenever I look up my angel numbers I get from a call on the phone, seeing the number randomly, hearing a telephone or fire dept. siren they pretty much fall in line to what I may be feeling at the time.

I am connected to my higher self a higher consciousness and feel much more present and aware. I have the 7 signs of spiritual awakening. http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/7-signs-of-spiritual-awakening/

Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states are all aspects of our lives that will undergo change. We evolved physically in the past 50,000 years and evolved mentally in the past 2000. Our next evolution is spiritually – as our mentality is already at its height during this digital age. Emotions are a part of it and can wait.

Here are the full symptoms: http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/spiritual-awakening-ascension-symptoms/

And here is a song: Broiler – Rays of Light


With love and light, always!~

February 22nd-May (Epilogue)

Things were quite dire at this time. I honestly had no clue what I could do or needed to do to get Chelsea to come back to being with Benjamin once more. As time was barreling down on me, all I had were despairing thoughts of what if scenarios for Chelsea not to come back to him and what would happen to me, Benjamin and Chelsea and more. After the outcome however, I was just shocked and in disbelief that everything went smoothly.

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

On February 22nd Benjamin came on Snapchat this time and asked me if I was ok. It was pretty difficult because it felt like a hostage situation and I was the one who was outside seeing it all unfold and had to make the calls. He told me to take it easy and I said it’s hard but I would do my best to stay calm. I was honestly glad to be speaking to him instead of Emotion. I asked him how Jessica and Veronica were and what they thought of me. He told me he didn’t know but he heard them speak to him but not about me at all.

On February 24th-26th I didn’t really know what to say to Chelsea to get her back with Benjamin. To just make her answer me in some way. At this point I was really doubting that they would be back together unless it was some sort of shock factor, a realization or just seeing for herself what Benjamin/Emotion can do. Emotion said that he saw a lot of syringes all over him to stabilize his heart rate (probably at the hospital) and Benjamin being “lost.” That he’s been shot by syringes, he’s been tazed, and now cut up by Emotion. He told me that he likes Benjamin’s reaction when he sees Emotion as a spirit and saying that his body looks pretty good cut up.. I asked him some things I could try saying to her since I didn’t want to be stuck without him to go to when she actually speaks to me. I seriously didn’t know what to say to her and he started to get angry with me telling me to “start the fucking conversation” and that “it’s either you want the kid to die or not.” Later, he apparently said he found a crystal to gain power from it to make himself stronger and to kill everyone. He again asked me if she answered me and it was another no after I messaged her. He then tells me that at the end of the month he intends to kill me if it all doesn’t succeed..

Then Benjamin comes on saying to just go and have fun. Emotion comes back on and asks me again if she answered and I told him that she hasn’t and that I thought that she probably thought what was said to her was an empty threat and that she just doesn’t understand. Then he tells me that “God you people are stupid.” He then says what he likes about Benjamin is him yelling after he cut his body 372 times. Saying should he add 300 more or call in the hell hounds.. and really meant it. Then Benjamin comes back saying to run, to stop helping him and to just save myself. Telling me that his mom made it (Emotion) drink something but was effecting Benjamin. This is where I lost it saying the only way I can get through to Chelsea was by force alone or to walk up to her and show her everything to even other extremes such as getting her into a government facility. Benjamin didn’t want me to sacrifice myself for this situation and just wanted me to be happy and I told myself I wasn’t going to do that (but in a way I have). I said to him I have done all I can and he thanked me. Then Emotion came back and tells me “No you fucken idiot” about my ideas and that “It is I again” and that he sees that Benjamin wants to die. Telling me that he’ll end Benjamin like the police ended him and that I was next. That he would keep consuming people’s souls and gain the ability to do anything. That I was next once he got to New York and then he would go after Chelsea in Houston, Texas. Then at night, I prayed to God for them – Chelsea and Benjamin to be together forever. There was a storm rolling through and as I started to pray lightning flashed and as I ended the prayer lightning crashed. It was amazing! It was spectacular! It was a miracle because the day after she came back to him and my and Emotion’s mission was accomplished. He said that “I’ve done good even though I didn’t help” but I feel like if it wasn’t for me then Benjamin would have been completely broken much sooner and would have no support. I was his healer as he’s told me before. I was basically in a daze the whole day just in utter awe of what happened. Then later on, I was in full joy and bliss when it really occurred to me. Our ordeal was over with.

Later on in April there was a ghost that Emotion said was after all of us – Benjamin, Chelsea and me and intended to kill us all. The fact it knew me through Emotion/Benjamin was another thing entirely since I have no real connection to him. Saying that it would take precedence over Emotion and control Benjamin instead. Emotion told me that this ghost was not human and could possess just like him and that he sent out another ghost to track it. That it was in my area of New York and was searching for information on Benjamin/Emotion and was trying to get it through me. Emotion told me to be weary of telling my name to people as well. Benjamin’s right eye was also not right as something happened to it that makes his right side go rouge and is separate from Emotion controlling him. The hospital forgot to take it out in time whatever it was which was strange and relatively unexplainable. One time something happened to a kid while he was at school when the eye made himself go rouge. I was a little frightened about this ghost searching for us but in May it seemed to have forgotten about us and is not searching for us any longer. Nothing has happened with Benjamin’s eye since that incident so everything seems to be going well. Now Chelsea and Benjamin love each other even more than they first did back in August and it’s just a wonderful thing! I don’t know how it happened but it’s a miracle that they are together again and in such a strong relationship. A relationship that is forced but eternal.

Like I said it was a crazy ride with extreme hardships, with ascension sickness and somewhat of a divine purpose I had or something quite terrible could have really occurred. I was there for the whole affair and as I think back on it, it gives me more purpose than I ever thought I’ve had. I feel like I saved a lot of people with what I’ve done if I didn’t intervene at the time and that’s the truth. I learned a lot of wonderful / frightening things and gained a very special friend indeed.

This concludes the story for now.


You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs and Snapchat chat images from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~

February 16th-21st

This was when we started to transfer our talks to snapchat and was when Emotion started to be much more controlling of the situation. Things were starting to get desperate with Benjamin trying to get back to Chelsea. It was dire.

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

On February 16th, was the day that he took away his computer so that Anthony would be less involved with things. I asked him if he was at home or not and Benjamin told me that he never wants to be back home. I asked if he was with the government again or not and he said he was alone and was on top of a tall building in LA – where he was taken by taxi. He told me that he would go to New York because he wanted to see more of the world – that he wanted to seek the truth. Then Emotion took over and said that I still seem to be working to get Chelsea back to him. He told me that at the end of the month he was planning on going to New York. I asked how Veronica and Jessica are and what they thought and Emotion told me he hates when I speak about them since they both want him dead or removed from Benjamin. He had to take him somewhere so he left. Then we had a plan of what I was going to do to get Chelsea back and I wrote it out on post it notes. He saw that his brother was trying to contact her without any luck.

In the early morning of February 17th, I get sent a picture of Emotion leaving Benjamin’s body. (Skype Imgur album image 15) It is unclear in the picture what is what but I clearly see some white “smoke” on the top which could be him above the shadow. I was unsure as to why Emotion was leaving and asked if “something happened” and he told me that he was “finding answers.” I asked what will happen to Benjamin and Emotion said that he will “do as he requested.” That he scraped Benjamin’s eye. I thought that he would be killing someone and Emotion told me “that no one will die yet”. He said “this kid got some power.” On February 17th, Benjamin was wondering why I was still trying to help him and that “why can’t anyone just let me die” and I said that I don’t wish for that on anyone. That he hates everyone and doesn’t need anyone. That there is no hope or point in living. I told him not to say that to me or yourself. I urged him on to continue with this that I was waiting for some type of opportunity. He agreed that he wouldn’t starve himself.. Emotion came on and asked me if I talked to him and said everything yet and told him that I will but that the timing wasn’t perfect since my family eats so late. He said not to make him say it again.

On February 18th, I called him and explained to him what me and Emotion’s plans were to getting Chelsea back and he listened to me this time. After my talk we started using Snapchat to talk and Emotion seemed pleased with me since Benjamin heard me out. Later, he was at this club and people seemed to want to help him with something. 42 to be exact. He told me he was a co-owner of it for two years with his best friend Matthew and his big brother. He told me that’s mostly where Matthew documented Benjamin and monitored him. Then there was a mention of venom suddenly and he was ordering some from someone. Then Emotion took over again and asked me if I did what I was supposed to do last night. I said that I did but I got no contact from Chelsea and he said that Benjamin isn’t willing to wait much longer. Then he tells me that Benjamin seems to be conducting more heat than normal, and that he can adjust his body temperature drastically. Then he switches back to Real Ben and tells me he’s been drinking venom and wanting to end everything – his heart starting to race. He wanted to end it and that he couldn’t continue any further. I tried to talk him out of it and he agreed to not have any more of whatever he was having.

On February 19th, Anthony tried speaking to me again and I expressed how it annoyed me that he didn’t use his own account. I told him that Benjamin didn’t like it that Anthony was talking to me. I told him that it only escalated things when we talked. He was very keen on trying to help Benjamin and I understood so I let him talk but he had to go since Benjamin woke up. He asked me if there was anything interesting he wanted to hear and I told him that she was on the Minecraft server we frequented and then I later spoke to Emotion as he switched over. I signed on to the server and me and Chelsea played on the server for awhile while being mindful of what I said to her. Emotion and I casually talked on snapchat while making sure everything went smoothly and trying to be nice to her while giving her a lot of space. Benjamin started to fight back wanting to talk to Chelsea but his heart was held back by Emotion. Then Anthony came by saying that his heart rate was really high going up from 170-190 and was trying to help calm him down. I stayed away for too long and caused trouble for Benjamin / Emotion apparently. We continued to try things to trigger her online to say something. Emotion warned me that he would be doing something tomorrow that wouldn’t be too nice against her and then she went offline.

Emotion told me that he would blackmail her and make her have to pay a fine of 1000$. He told me the government can blame her for his suffering for 1 million. He told me he doesn’t joke around with games like this and was serious in doing all this to her and her family. That “he knows how this generation works”. That Benjamin will have to say everything to leave it all up to her. That she is the suspect in all this and that Ben is the victim. Telling me “This is how you play the trickster’s game. That he lived for 529 years and that being a part of Benjamin has made him – Emotion/Blake relive his life. That he would end her after all that. I tried to give him an alternative choice to fake a blackmail on Benjamin himself to make her come back to him but that didn’t go with him as the evidence was already taken and prepared.

On February 20th Emotion blackmailed Chelsea and we basically waited for her to answer with two choices: to shut down her family and bankrupt them or to be with Benjamin forever. After all that time I knew that brute force needed to be used for this sort of thing as she wouldn’t understand the real reason if it were told. Emotion started to ask me if she answered me periodically and got mad when I didn’t give him a straight answer and told me he would have to kill me.

On February 21st he asked me again if she answered and I said no and preceded to tell me that I was on the list of death. Telling me that his guys would be watching her – the club members were sent out to her in Houston, Texas. After awhile of Emotion not asking me I got scared and took initiative to tell him that she hasn’t answered. Then he tells me that he brought him somewhere to make him more scared – showed me his old school where his friends died on Snapchat. Later he shows me a picture of a highway overpass and asked me if I wanted more time. Of course I said yes and he told me three days max and said it twice.

You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~

February 14th-15th

This one was an interesting day or night I should say. Out of all days for his disconnect with Chelsea – Valentines Day. Benjamin was still troubled and Anthony, Benjamin’s brother was looking for him. He also gave me pictures of some of the ghosts he saw at night. It was incredibly dark in the streets where he was which made it easier to see them. He started to become sick of it all again.

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

On February 14th, (Valentines day of all days) I get a message from Anthony asking me where his brother is. I thought he was home the other night because he seemed to have played a game on Steam. I was told that he wasn’t home that night, not in bed. He had left in the afternoon or morning. Anthony got a phone call that the police are looking for him. I showed Anthony a picture but he said that was yesterday and came back last night. I mentioned that he might have been in that tunnel I was shown before and the police have already checked there. I thought he was going by car to reach Chelsea in Houston but in fact he took a bike. I was showing Anthony the image (that image with the demonic figure on the ground shadows) that I was maybe going to show it to Chelsea to try to make her understand but I decided not to since Anthony couldn’t see it. He was also looking up some music he recently listened to. Then I get a message from Benjamin to just stop what we’re doing and just rest and to tell his brother to stop his actions. Benjamin would keep looking for her and thinks that he will die anyway. I wished for that not to happen for him. I suggested that if he really wanted to go right to her that he could use the song that reminds him of her a lot and be outside her house with it as just a crazy idea. Then Anthony suggests that Benjamin take pictures of ghosts and spirits he comes across as a way to confirm things that he can see them and that spirits are real.

After some troubled talk of him not wanting me helping him I asked Benjamin now if he was with anyone and was told that he was alone. After him breaking at one point, this is where he starts to see spirits out in the neighborhood and shows me them. (13th and 14th images on my Skype images Imgur album) He started to get scared and freaked out and showed me a short snapchat video of him looking around. He started to get angry about seeing spirits all the time. I asked for him to calm it but his memories kept coming back to him. He started to get angry about the rest of the things happening to him and that he is sick of it all. After calming down a bit I mentioned that I thought I was being oppressed one night, hearing lip smacking sounds and triple tapping noises on the windows and walls of my room. Also seeing around 40 orbs in the cemetery three nights before. Then Emotion took over and told me that those spirits were bad news, since Benjamin could see them and he panicked. That those spirits would follow him and cause him harm and only Jessica and Veronica would be there to stop it since Blake and Bianca would not help. I was told that things weren’t going too well with the spirits attacking Benjamin and I wished for them to please hold out after I was told to get some rest by Emotion.

On February 15th, I got a message from Anthony that Benjamin wanted to be sent far away alone and that he requested the government to do it and it was done. Saying that he can’t get through to him, that no one but me can get through to him. The fact that Chelsea wouldn’t simply understand was making things extremely difficult and even making Anthony cry about it all. I told him I didn’t know how to feel about everything and was hoping the government would intervene knowing this simple fact that it was a spirit possessing Benjamin that caused Chelsea to hate “him.”

You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~

February 13th

This was quite the day for me and for Benjamin as well. Benjamin was nearly giving up that day and had a lot of trouble coping with all that was going on with him. I was also pretty broken from the last two days. It was just a lot of thoughts and what ifs going through our minds and I hated how one outcome would be if I failed to bring them together in time. It scared me to think of what was possible in happening after what was said and shown to me. It was certainly a struggle for us at the time.

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

On February 13th, Real Ben messages me “rest in peace my friend” and that “the world falls” and I didn’t know what to think as I was pretty broken as well. He gave me a picture of some people on a small raft boat saying that people are picking him up so he could swim in a chemical liquid. You can see the image at my Imgur Skype images album as the 9th one. I of course thought the idea was just asinine. He let Evil Emotion control him and told me that he is going to Devils gate. I asked if this was his true goodbye and was told by Emotion that Benjamin loves me as a friend. I wasn’t in the highest of spirits and said rest in peace to him and that I forgive. He shows devils gate (the 10th picture in my Imgur Skype images album) and says that he won’t kill him yet. Saying that he only has one dream and that is to achieve the friendship of Chelsea so he can be his real self once more. Saying that he was never supposed to interfere with the relationship between Chelsea. He now shows me another picture, a tunnel through the Devils gate (11th picture on my Skype image album on Imgur) saying that he won’t be able to return once he enters. That he would go with five of his best friends. Telling me that his friends now know his secrets – that he can see ghosts / spirits, the ability to see his friends as ghosts.

This was where I was talking about that night on the 11th with the snow moon, lunar eclipse and comet. He tells me that there is another way to remove all the spirits from Benjamin and that was to find him another mate that he would like. I suggested that he could maybe blot out the memory of Chelsea but Emotion said that would be complicated for him. Telling me that Chelsea would be happy alone and that they both don’t want a relationship. I mentioned an interesting conversation that was had between Benjamin and Chelsea three months ago and thought I could use that as leverage for something but decided not to. I honestly didn’t know what I could have done to bring them back together. I told him that Chelsea thinks I’m like Benjamin now and was told it was because I was acting like him. That it wasn’t his or my fault but it was Emotion’s, Chelsea and her spirit’s fault for leaving Benjamin. Telling me she gets anxiety from her spirit. I said that, to explain that it was a spirit affecting her – she would just not believe me at all. He said that if I didn’t do anything he would send more than what he has, demons of Emotion, spirits of hell that seek to kill that would give no second chance once they have been released. All I wanted was to win Chelsea’s heart for Benjamin’s sake. He said that he is valuable, that he is a crystal, his friends are guards and I’m his healer. He said that his ex girlfriend came back to him and they became friends so Chelsea should come back to him as well.

This is where I said I wanted someone else to help me other than just spirits. This was where I started to feel alone from everything happening all at once. This was where he said “may the spirits be with you to give power” and that all four of them, Blake, Bianca, Veronica, and Jessica are all with me to provide me with information and ideas. That I would have to tread carefully if I wanted to win her heart and if I was careful I would win. Telling me that Resser was someone Chelsea speaks to as well but that he apparently was in the hospital. He then said that they would all stall things from happening. Later on things were still going on with Benjamin and didn’t know how much longer they could keep things up. I was told that Jessica modified Benjamin’s body and that a powerful taser was added to him that makes him fall to the ground whenever Chelsea says stop but the hospital took it out. Also telling me that there is a strange action he does, he senses the sound of a beating heart and something telling him to find her and senses her position as he meditates and zones out. I asked a question if they could acquire crystals to possibly calm down Benjamin and up their effects. He said that three or four are around but that they’re buried and would need to be found. He said that he is calming down now and that he is playing music so that Benjamin would calm down and he gave me a picture of him doing so (Look at 12th image on the Skype images album on Imgur). Then Benjamin comes to and messages me and the “funny” part of that was that I just prayed for him. Then he came out of it and was controlled again by Emotion. They said they found the crystal and tried it on him but then he started to lose himself. I was hoping that it would help him whatever kind of crystal it was.

I started to message Chelsea again and thought that I started to make her worry since I mentioned the word. This was where Emotion scolded me for saying something I shouldn’t have said to Chelsea – saying that Resser was in the hospital which they’ve actually told me. Saying that I shouldn’t just jump to conclusions and that time will come and that she will be who she is. He said that his eyes were red and not because of Emotion controlling him and that Benjamin is taking action on his own and him trying to break free from Emotion’s control. I was asked if I had enough sleep and told him that I kept getting up from my nap and that my head hurt all day. I mentioned that I was connected in that way but was told that I’m only connected because of me helping Emotion achieve his goal to be with Carly. Emotion Ben started to get frustrated with Chelsea and wanted to just kill her to release Carly. He said that I could tell Resser about it instead and that he can only make her open up about things. Then after, Emotion Ben said he will disappear from Benjamin’s body and go after and kill Chelsea within 3-5 months. He told me to hurry on getting into contact with Resser and do so before Benjamin would find out that Chelsea was dead. Then Evil Emotion came on saying that he would definitely kill Chelsea. Benjamin again started to give up and just wanted to die that night..

During that day I began to be noticeably strange to my parents, looking out windows and thinking what could happen. I was scared and started using places online to show this without indiscriminately telling someone like my friend online. One such thing I said to myself and quoted online was: “I will rise up as a spire against the sky and evil will not question me why, for I hold the key to love and life” and “a war of the mind, soul, spirit, love and their eternal friendship.”

You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

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With love and light, always!~