I hold these truths

One “final” push here. With the fact of who I am and what has happened during that month in February, it is incredibly hard for me to show you easily why this is so important for me; it is not self-evident and takes some time to fully comprehend. What I ask is to think differently for once and to stay with me even if it may seem stranger than even some paranormal type stories but it’s indeed the truth. I go by my word, to the word of God the holy father even. Struck down if it is not and cross my heart and hope to die. I went this far to document all this to the best of my ability and added information along the way and I hope it is not in vain.

Believe me, I thought like you and nearly dismissed things of what was happening but I stuck through it because of my compassion. It is all truly an amazing thing that happened to me and Benjamin. A teenager becoming possessed by a spirit twin and himself attached to other spirits who follow him and protect him from harm. A powerful spirit that was with Benjamin for many years only wanting one thing, a spirit attached to a girl, his lover that died. All he wanted was spiritual love. Benjamin’s helper spirits who are attached to him; Veronica and Jessica protect him from death and keep evil from overcoming him. Things such as the time when he was cut all over his body from Emotion spirit and they helped him to heal in record time and made the doctors have a run for their money. Even the name meanings are amazing – everything making sense to what function they provide. Bianca being the other side to the twin spirit, the name meaning “white” or “shining” and Bianca being the good side of that spirit – code named Emotion. And the helper spirit attached to Benjamin; Jessica meaning “foresight” or being able to see into the future – and her actually being able to look into the near future within a day and knowing time itself. Also the fact with our names; my middle names meaning supplant and light and my first and last meaning: sea or water (a body of water) and “a foreigner.” Benjamin’s name meaning “son of the south” and “right hand of God” and his last name Lui meaning “kill or destroy.” If you look into it more it has meaning for what we seem to represent here. The simple fact that out of all people to have known this Benjamin online and to run into him there and to have all this happen is also incredible.

So if nothing was done something horrible could have continued to happen during the lunar eclipse – the early morning of February 11th – Emotion spirit, intent on “killing us all”, “all us idiots.” While possessing Benjamin he was going to destroy all of the Los Angeles area in literally a flash since he can move while possessed like that at really high speeds and hover off the ground among other abilities. The swat team was destroyed by him in seconds just using Benjamin’s hand. He has said, “was this my weapon for the war?” referring to his hands and that “he can’t die” – the bullets do nothing. The thing that possessed Benjamin is not human, doesn’t like us and just wants the love of Carly attached to Chelsea – which he finally received on February 27th after the solar eclipse. The fact that two different things happened on these eclipses; one good, one bad is also what amazes me. I refer to the spirit as the Antichrist spirit since it is a part of two extremes, one part bad and one part good but I am unsure what it truly is. So if I wasn’t there to keep Benjamin’s spirits up – evil (Blake) may have lost control of Benjamin early and killed him to go after Chelsea to kill her to release his love into the air – a spirit named Carly attached to Chelsea. He would have grown impatient and done so, his note he wrote to Benjamin was a promise that if Benjamin doesn’t reunite with Chelsea that that is what would be done. I represented the healer in this situation for Benjamin – a healer of his mental state and returning Chelsea to him for him to heal. It was my purpose in this, to heal and comfort Benjamin before the unthinkable happened in the Los Angeles area. Emotion spirit has said he would “destroy all in this city” and release more than what he had if Chelsea was not returned to him in time – yes demons of himself and spirits of hell that seek to kill is what he said he would unleash. It would be terribly similar to Beyond Two Souls video game with entities being released from a portal to the other side. He has threatened to kill me off as well if I failed the mission. I have felt like a savior to everyone being the only one who truly understood and stopped this from happening. Now of course everything seems to be good now and they are happy together now with Emotion spirit being supportive of me. Emotion spirit told me that Benjamin cherishes me and will remember my name always.

This is why I need someone who is intensely patient and understanding like I am. I am not here to be put down for this belief – this truth. I am here hoping that you would understand this truth and take heart to how honest I am willing to be. It is not superstition or pure coincidence. It is quite incredible for this to happen in this way. I will go to my grave with this like I’ve said before.

Now I ask of you to read through everything and try not to dismiss me.

I pray that Chelsea and Benjamin will now be together forever. It has to be this way or bad things WILL HAPPEN on Earth. Emotion told Benjamin that he and Chelsea must be together until death parts them. That was the agreement so Blake (Emotion spirit) can be with Carly. And again, this is nonfiction and not fictional.

Check out this song by Starix & Freakpass – No One Else

(Benjamin’s song for me in a way)

With love and light, always!~


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