I have always been a “truth-er”, and wanted to know the truths to nearly everything. In my early 20s I started to look for truths and found out Thegroxt1 to be incredibly spot on to his mapping the end of days for instance. I love to do researching of different topics to know all there is about it. I am also a spiritual seeker and love to ask the question why. I love mystery. I love to meditate and find peace within myself and the area around me. I believe in spirits; I believe there are demons, there are ghosts, and there are angels and have personal experiences on that which I cannot explain easily or by scientific methods. I am also a born-again Methodist Christian living in White Plains with a lot of likenesses of Jesus Christ – or his brother James in this case. I was also baptized in my infancy.

The things happening to me, the thoughts and feelings from the truest sense of the word will all be discussed here whether personal or not because that’s how serious this is for me. I am literally throwing out all my personal business here for someone to understand me and follow me. I don’t care if you know something personal from my life as I see that is the only way to get this out to you in this way. This is an extremely personal blog showing my thoughts, my dreams, my true feelings, my psyche, my everything in terms of what has happened to me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and I hope you can find it in your heart to understand that. All are welcome here that will support me, I bless your soul if you are! Move on if you think otherwise. 100% truth and more, nothing less.

Also, James is not my first name and Lucien, not my last – they are my middle names. I won’t be revealing my first and last name but I did give you a description of them. Last name meaning “a foreigner” and first meaning “water” or “sea” James meaning “supplanter” derived from Hebrew name Jacob and Lucien meaning “light” in french. My initials however are AJLG.

My blue heart profile picture represents the time of Aquarius which is now and that my sign is water (I’m a Scorpio in astrology). With my blue heart being my love for the amazing generation we have and what side I’m on.

The above picture represents Hell and Heaven (or the wall of it), with a red crystal in the hellish part and blue crystal on the heavenly side with light. As for the colors of the crystals and the two sides, here’s some Matrix for you: the red pill being the harsh reality of life on Earth and the blue pill being an alternate reality, where people live comfortably. Chelsea (blue crystal) represents the key to heaven and a new world of good and peace, while Benjamin (red crystal) represents a world of darkness and evil. It seems difficult for the red crystal to get to the blue one because of distance and a pit right? but they are in sight around the cave pillar. How do you see someone from miles away? Simply by video. This is the simple reality that I show with this amazing image. How I see this truth from an esoteric sense of understanding.

You may only comprehend the true truth in full; not peace-meal. With time and great patience, let me reveal to you all that I know so we can share this divine knowledge. In layman terms if you follow me and look over all I have to say in the coming weeks all will be clear or I wouldn’t be wasting my time here. I am Gods messenger and he has a plan for me. This is for those that are mystic in some way them self or wish to know because they are religious and believe that we are in the end times, etc. I’m not saying I’m a prophet because I’m not, ‘things’ already happened to me but things here are pretty serious. Biblical things are happening in the world. It’s just a matter of time. I just feel like I stopped its rapid progression for now.

***Important note***: This is a full disclosure of information which is NOT A WORK OF FICTION. I won’t be writing anything fictional here. Just documented facts and happenings on my account as non-fiction.


Love and light, always~