Some other “minor” experiences

With the story over for now, I still wanted to show something that was divine / spiritual-related for me. So here are a listing of some of my other experiences I’ve had that are divine / spiritual-related.


On February 11th, the night (early morning) after the snow moon, lunar eclipse, and comet I had prayed for guidance of the holy angels to protect me, aid me and provide guidance for me. I proceeded to visit my local cemetery looking for any good spirits that night since I didn’t know who else to turn to at the time. When I arrived, I started to feel the power of the universe literally pushing, pulling towards me as I walked through the cemetery and it felt euphoric and empowering! I was just walking around the cemetery and asking for their guidance and aid. I saw many a spirit that night, with light green orbs coming from the ground and appearing before me near some of the grave stones at night. There were about 20 of them but they seemed to disappear after a little while though. The green orb represents healing, a guide or teacher, an ascended master or archangel. Though, when I returned home and went into bed, I had the complete opposite of an oppression, but holy blessings and it felt like love has flowed over me and I was being tickled (yes tickled) feeling intense love and kindness like that of a child. The tickling felt over whelming on me as I tossed and turned from it and was laughing. I was surrounded by these orbs before I slept that night but I didn’t feel dread, despair or depression, etc. All I felt was pure joy, love and happiness! I felt full bliss, like being a child once more! I just loved the Earth and everything on it! All I wanted to do was hug Chelsea and Benjamin in a group hug together at the time. Yes, felt as if I was touched by angels – supernatural beings of light and love. On a day as mystical as that with a full snow moon, lunar eclipse and comet, I won’t miscount that occurrence being anything else. I knew what I felt and saw. Hearing wind chimes literally at my ear the night before on the 10th which indicates that an angel or two is near. I felt like it was my spiritual awakening happening at the same time. (February 11th, 2017 early morning)

This was after my time with Benjamin, after the good things happened that brought Chelsea and Benjamin back together. I shut off every light before I went on a nap in the evening and I asked the holy angels, the archangels, the spirit guides and teachers, for aid and guidance on what I should continue to do, to offer me protection from evil and to possibly show me signs within a dream. When I awoke from my slumber, I decided to close my eyes again and as I looked to the right and left of me slowly with my eyes closed, I saw flashes of pale light blue light for about 4-5 seconds and it looked like two humanoid figures with wings both looking towards me. When my eyes were closed, I also saw flashes of light now and then, even though my room was pitch black. I had called upon Archangel Michael for protection while I napped so it must have been him. I also did see some sort of sign before me as I woke, but it seemed to fade away from my vision pretty quick. (March 12th, 2017)

On another day circa March 8th-12th, I was speaking to my angels and I got really excited and started to laugh in pure bliss, joy and love. As I did this and was smiling quite heavily and telling them what my plans were. I then looked over at my phone and saw notices out of nowhere pop up on my phone that said something on the lines of, “he’s quite different”. I was amazed when I saw this and was really happy just knowing that my angels or good spirits were with me and noticed this.

On two separate occasions while at school I would go out to a dark area to watch the shooting star showers. On both occasions I would see this orb of light in the sky moving around strangely and would pulsate. Then it suddenly stopped, shot up and vanished at incredible speed. I thought this had to be an UFO but in fact I think what I saw was actually an angel. An angel’s brilliant white light. (2013 / 2014)

One night as I was falling asleep, I suddenly saw a yellow-orange orb above my bed towards the ceiling fan. It sort of pulsated a bit and sat there for about a minute and then slowly faded away in a few seconds. I was completely near sleep and had almost no energy to try to get up. It was a few months after my grandfather passed away. I feel he was visiting me or someone was. According to the spirit orb color guide it was a guide/teacher or a guardian spirit. This was circa 2002-2003 when I was 14/15

One time while I was completely alone (and had checked thoroughly after) I heard my first name come out of nowhere. It was from behind me if I can remember. It sounded like my mother or it was just motherly. No one I knew recently had passed away who was female but I heard my name loud and clear. It chilled me to the bone and stopped me in my tracks as I was walking upstairs. This was circa 2001.


That concludes my experiences I’ve had, explained to the best of my ability.


With love and light, always!~


P.S. Be sure to go through my non-fiction story from the prologue!


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