February 22nd-May (Epilogue)

Things were quite dire at this time. I honestly had no clue what I could do or needed to do to get Chelsea to come back to being with Benjamin once more. As time was barreling down on me, all I had were despairing thoughts of what if scenarios for Chelsea not to come back to him and what would happen to me, Benjamin and Chelsea and more. After the outcome however, I was just shocked and in disbelief that everything went smoothly.

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

On February 22nd Benjamin came on Snapchat this time and asked me if I was ok. It was pretty difficult because it felt like a hostage situation and I was the one who was outside seeing it all unfold and had to make the calls. He told me to take it easy and I said it’s hard but I would do my best to stay calm. I was honestly glad to be speaking to him instead of Emotion. I asked him how Jessica and Veronica were and what they thought of me. He told me he didn’t know but he heard them speak to him but not about me at all.

On February 24th-26th I didn’t really know what to say to Chelsea to get her back with Benjamin. To just make her answer me in some way. At this point I was really doubting that they would be back together unless it was some sort of shock factor, a realization or just seeing for herself what Benjamin/Emotion can do. Emotion said that he saw a lot of syringes all over him to stabilize his heart rate (probably at the hospital) and Benjamin being “lost.” That he’s been shot by syringes, he’s been tazed, and now cut up by Emotion. He told me that he likes Benjamin’s reaction when he sees Emotion as a spirit and saying that his body looks pretty good cut up.. I asked him some things I could try saying to her since I didn’t want to be stuck without him to go to when she actually speaks to me. I seriously didn’t know what to say to her and he started to get angry with me telling me to “start the fucking conversation” and that “it’s either you want the kid to die or not.” Later, he apparently said he found a crystal to gain power from it to make himself stronger and to kill everyone. He again asked me if she answered me and it was another no after I messaged her. He then tells me that at the end of the month he intends to kill me if it all doesn’t succeed..

Then Benjamin comes on saying to just go and have fun. Emotion comes back on and asks me again if she answered and I told him that she hasn’t and that I thought that she probably thought what was said to her was an empty threat and that she just doesn’t understand. Then he tells me that “God you people are stupid.” He then says what he likes about Benjamin is him yelling after he cut his body 372 times. Saying should he add 300 more or call in the hell hounds.. and really meant it. Then Benjamin comes back saying to run, to stop helping him and to just save myself. Telling me that his mom made it (Emotion) drink something but was effecting Benjamin. This is where I lost it saying the only way I can get through to Chelsea was by force alone or to walk up to her and show her everything to even other extremes such as getting her into a government facility. Benjamin didn’t want me to sacrifice myself for this situation and just wanted me to be happy and I told myself I wasn’t going to do that (but in a way I have). I said to him I have done all I can and he thanked me. Then Emotion came back and tells me “No you fucken idiot” about my ideas and that “It is I again” and that he sees that Benjamin wants to die. Telling me that he’ll end Benjamin like the police ended him and that I was next. That he would keep consuming people’s souls and gain the ability to do anything. That I was next once he got to New York and then he would go after Chelsea in Houston, Texas. Then at night, I prayed to God for them – Chelsea and Benjamin to be together forever. There was a storm rolling through and as I started to pray lightning flashed and as I ended the prayer lightning crashed. It was amazing! It was spectacular! It was a miracle because the day after she came back to him and my and Emotion’s mission was accomplished. He said that “I’ve done good even though I didn’t help” but I feel like if it wasn’t for me then Benjamin would have been completely broken much sooner and would have no support. I was his healer as he’s told me before. I was basically in a daze the whole day just in utter awe of what happened. Then later on, I was in full joy and bliss when it really occurred to me. Our ordeal was over with.

Later on in April there was a ghost that Emotion said was after all of us – Benjamin, Chelsea and me and intended to kill us all. The fact it knew me through Emotion/Benjamin was another thing entirely since I have no real connection to him. Saying that it would take precedence over Emotion and control Benjamin instead. Emotion told me that this ghost was not human and could possess just like him and that he sent out another ghost to track it. That it was in my area of New York and was searching for information on Benjamin/Emotion and was trying to get it through me. Emotion told me to be weary of telling my name to people as well. Benjamin’s right eye was also not right as something happened to it that makes his right side go rouge and is separate from Emotion controlling him. The hospital forgot to take it out in time whatever it was which was strange and relatively unexplainable. One time something happened to a kid while he was at school when the eye made himself go rouge. I was a little frightened about this ghost searching for us but in May it seemed to have forgotten about us and is not searching for us any longer. Nothing has happened with Benjamin’s eye since that incident so everything seems to be going well. Now Chelsea and Benjamin love each other even more than they first did back in August and it’s just a wonderful thing! I don’t know how it happened but it’s a miracle that they are together again and in such a strong relationship. A relationship that is forced but eternal.

Like I said it was a crazy ride with extreme hardships, with ascension sickness and somewhat of a divine purpose I had or something quite terrible could have really occurred. I was there for the whole affair and as I think back on it, it gives me more purpose than I ever thought I’ve had. I feel like I saved a lot of people with what I’ve done if I didn’t intervene at the time and that’s the truth. I learned a lot of wonderful / frightening things and gained a very special friend indeed.

This concludes the story for now.


You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs and Snapchat chat images from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~


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