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My Ascension Sickness and Evolution

With my progress on my ascension sickness I have experienced the higher vibrations of the divine. My chakras have opened and evolved – I try to balance them the best I can now. My spiritual perception has also increased, my intuition and general perception has skyrocketed. Back in February, I had a compassion for the Earth, for humanity and other beings I never thought I had after what happened to me and Benjamin on the night of the snow moon. It explains the vibrations I had which I couldn’t explain when I shook involuntarily and thought there was an earthquake or a truck going by which there was not. Also, divine synchronicity which is a concept which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no casual relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related – which I’ve had plenty of but it seems more than coincidences to me.

I’ve had a lot of symptoms occur while I had all this happen to me however. Challenges, emotional struggles and mental and physical pain all occurred to me. I had trouble with my emotions had mental and physical pains on my head around my forehead that didn’t feel like the normal headache or migraine – It felt like a numbing sensation, it was different. Changes happened to me on the level of mind, body, spirit and emotion. My vibrational energy has become lighter, my conscious awareness has expanded and my thoughts, emotions and beliefs have changed – especially that night of the snow moon on February 11th. My physical body is shifting to hold increased levels of light. There is a tingling that happens around my forehead and I can never put my finger on it as to why it happens and my doctor doesn’t know why I have this happen either. I also at times get a rush of energy flow through me like electricity. I feel this tingling happen at the top of my head and at times in my hands – it is the divine light flowing in and around me. Whenever I look up my angel numbers I get from a call on the phone, seeing the number randomly, hearing a telephone or fire dept. siren they pretty much fall in line to what I may be feeling at the time.

I am connected to my higher self a higher consciousness and feel much more present and aware. I have the 7 signs of spiritual awakening. http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/7-signs-of-spiritual-awakening/

Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states are all aspects of our lives that will undergo change. We evolved physically in the past 50,000 years and evolved mentally in the past 2000. Our next evolution is spiritually – as our mentality is already at its height during this digital age. Emotions are a part of it and can wait.

Here are the full symptoms: http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/spiritual-awakening-ascension-symptoms/

And here is a song: Broiler – Rays of Light


With love and light, always!~


February 11th

The following early morning was a doozy on February 11th. You know that day when there was a full moon (snow moon) and lunar eclipse with a comet? That many would say signals that the end times may be here? The same day I heard the windchimes at my ears, smelled the brimstone at two different occasions and had my house shake but no one else felt it. That it was only me shaking for some reason but it feeling like a 4.0 earthquake. I explained that more elsewhere. With those Skype images I had of the conversation in another post, this is what happened that day.


This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

I started speaking to Anthony and he asked if I had any response from Chelsea and I said that she wouldn’t forgive him for something Emotion did to her. I said that it had something to do with Emotion sending the government after her to get a hold of her or something of the sort. That the simple fact is that spirits are in this situation making things harder and that Chelsea doesn’t understand that. He tells me that his brother is still suffering and that I still understood that. Telling me that the government wouldn’t hold back anymore if something were to get out of hand. That we are running out of time and thought that the only way for Chelsea to understand is to see what has happened first hand. That Chelsea thinks that he is a lunatic otherwise. That either Ben changes for her to like him again or Chelsea changes. I told him that Real Ben tried to be friends with Chelsea but each time he tried Bad Emotion did something to ruin the relationship and lost Chelsea’s trust. All Anthony could do was hit a concrete wall that his brother was in this condition from this simple misunderstanding. I said it would be a miracle if they get back together. Anthony tells me that Real Benjamin would know how to deal with this situation but that “something” was really hurting him and not allowing him to go anywhere. That their mom is also affected and in bad shape knowing Benjamin is in trouble and may die. Anthony started to lose his temper at this point saying that his mom wants to die because Benjamin has nearly given up on life. He apologized and then I said I would try my best to get the situation under wraps. His mother even saw Benjamin’s hand choking himself. Also asking why Chelsea can’t understand that a spirit possesses and oppresses Benjamin. Anthony told me that Benjamin would be discharged tomorrow morning. He talked about holding back the government until he recovered and then I asked why hasn’t the government taken him in if they know where he lives. Anthony told me that it was because Benjamin didn’t know anything for two years and hardly recognized his own family members. Saying why life has to be so hard for his youngest brother and I offered my words to him about it.

Now I was trying to move on from that topic and asked more on the crystal that he mentioned to me before then some things appeared to be happening. I get a message from Benjamin’s phone account saying “I still hang” and I asked what was going on saying to him he should get his rest. Then he says that “Ben the boy”, “will die” and asked where Chelsea was. I said she was in Florida (which she actually is in Texas) and he said “four more weeks.”Then Anthony tells me he gets a call from the hospital saying that Benjamin is acting strange. I asked if they physically met before and was told no and then asked why the connection, why he Emotion needed her. I was told that there is a spirit also attached to Chelsea that she doesn’t know about. Then Anthony tells me that there is a camera on Benjamin as they lock the door. I asked Emotion who that spirit was and that it was his (Emotion’s) beloved and that she was killed by us. Anthony says that he was still on call with the hospital worker and that Benjamin was looking back through the window and the phone with red eyes. Anthony then says that they shot him with a syringe saying that he’s paralyzed and that it doesn’t seem to be affecting Benjamin. Then Emotion tells me that he will kill everyone or “All you idiotic people.” I asked why his beloved is attached to Chelsea and said that he didn’t know. I told Emotion that he forced Chelsea to hate him after what he did to her and that she must understand that spirits are in this world to understand him. Then I was told that there are approximately 1.3 million spirits in the world and that most were men. Saying that wars caused their deaths and that people started them. That the world was not made for killing, it was made for peace and happiness and that I agreed.

I was told by Anthony that the Emotion spirit levitated and won’t go down and that they gave it a shot. I said that I would bring her to Emotion spirit and make her understand and then was told that he will wait and sit on the roof scouting out for people. I said I would make Chelsea understand that there are spirits in the world and was told that she doesn’t see it because of a side effect the spirit put on her. I asked for the spirit’s name and was told her name was Carly and told him that he should inspire peace and love instead of violence against violence. When I said that he said Bianca was supposed to fill that role, his twin sister. That his name is Blake. I said hello to Blake and he told me that I would die. I mentioned of Anthony and Steven possibly going right to Chelsea in Houston, Texas and Blake said I had requested a bounty on them when I did not. Anthony said that he went after him and told him to stay away from Blake. Blake said that he would kill anyone that comes to stop him basically and that he doesn’t like people. I again told him to turn to peace and love and to show them that this is what they must do, to disarm their weapons and that Blake is searching for this spirit and that he will stop once they meet again. Blake injured four swat members using only his hand. He then said “Was this my weapon for the war?” I again tried to tell him instead of using violence to just disarm and lay their guns down. Blake also said that he cannot die and that he’ll sleep. I asked Anthony to please take a picture but it was already too late as he saw Benjamin collapse before him. He couldn’t take a picture since he was dealing with the wounds of a swat team member and that they were telling him to leave anyway. Telling me that they had a piece of Benjamins hand in them. Saying that they brought Benjamin back to the Hospital bedroom and only saw him for ten seconds. He said that he was going home and that “there was nothing left”. I asked him and he said that we can’t stop that thing that controls Benjamin. That it “is the power of speed itself”. I told him that we couldn’t use violence against it and that it hates violence. He said that his mom would bring back Benjamin tomorrow even after that affair..

After this I cried at night thinking what would happen if.. this powerful spirit.. goes crazy with power and purges the entire world. I also had wonderful loving thoughts. This was when I felt divine being the only one that knows of this threat with amazing things happening to me that special night. I went out to the cemetery looking for the only help I could possibly find and saw 20 or more green spirit orbs. I felt like the celestial events magnified the energies that night. Then when I was at home I had a flood of what I would call love energy and pure joy while in bed surrounded by these orbs again. I was surrounded in good feelings of oneness with God and the angels and just wanting the two to become one again. I loved the Earth and everything on it. Green spirit orbs are known as being healers. So that night I was comforted and healed by them. The windchimes I heard is a signal that angels are nearby. I seriously couldn’t explain it but it was an overwhelming feeling. More about it in “my other ‘minor’ experiences” post.

You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~

Where it all started

I started to write down my thoughts I had while undergoing this personal tribulation I’ve had back in early February. I knew there was something more to this kid who was having “troubles” and my curiosity and hospitality for someone undergoing a hard time got to me. Here is my Youtube playlist of that whole situation from song to song : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfzNBUfN4mUM_JBkGBbsf0O13eYMOExQc. Be sure to check out the full documentation of events from song to song (while listening if you please) : http://pastebin.com/3xc4c5zX. Understand that the whole is what you need to understand with all this. If I were to say a few things you would not follow it or that I’m making things up as I go along which I am not. I am an extremely honest person – maybe too honest I say but I thought people should know this because I feel so alone in it being the only one who understands this truth.

I had my thoughts of how things were with him and that this was not your normal teen. This is over the net and I am not physically with him mind you: Something seemed off about him, he seemed schizophrenic and bi-polar but was alarmed that he suddenly changed at 11:30 one night and seemed like another person entirely. It was scary but I stayed put and didn’t want to abandon him. Later on, another thing happened that points towards possession and I was amazed at his quick recovery – 80+ lacerations all over him and had unusually high white blood cell counts. He was scared and being oppressed and was locked in his room but I only ‘joked’ that he was being oppressed, majorly depressed or just pranking me as the possibilities until ‘that night’ of the snow moon. All three extremes were thought like everyone else would. Then there was a talk of spirits the next day and what “it” generally wants or it would continue to torment him. Things seemed to go well after those happenings but the hardships he endured started to permeate again. I decided to stay with him and help him along on his ride even though I had my doubts and other thoughts of him. Suddenly one day my eyes were truly opened on that night of the snow moon, lunar eclipse and comet. The reason I mention these celestial events is because it coincides in what religious people call “the end of days” and that is apparent. I held on (for a month and more now) for the ride of my life without anyone there for me who understood it all. All the information was given to me that night. That this was more than a troubled teen and that he was possessed by this powerful bi-polar spirit with two extremes. Noticing that this wasn’t your average teen on the night of the snow moon and I have said this to myself after crazy things happened : “I will rise up as a spire against the sky and evil will not question me why, for I hold the key to love and life” and I started to undergo huge changes within myself. That’s how things started, what seemed to be a normal teen I befriended online becomes something much more. While possessed, “he” typed to me on his phone on Skype and I have the whole logs, everything. All the concrete evidence.

I became spiritually awakened that night, I smelled the brimstone sulfur twice (once while I was sitting down and another time as I walked back into my room after checking for something burning; it felt like a wall of smoke in the doorway), heard the chimes at my ear (but none are around outside and it sounded like it was right where I sat), and the Earth shaking beneath me or me shaking involuntarily (there being no tremors recorded that day and no trucks that passed our house at the time) but all in the same day just hours or minutes from each other. I clearly smelled, heard and felt them all. I knew I had a 6th sense, to react to stimuli that are hidden or passed on from the supernatural, from spirits good or bad.

As always, here have a song “of the times” by Tristam – Truth

Sometimes I wonder if the world is really ready for me with this truth and will continue to hide the fact of its reality. -J.L.


With love and light, always~