My Ascension Sickness and Evolution

With my progress on my ascension sickness I have experienced the higher vibrations of the divine. My chakras have opened and evolved – I try to balance them the best I can now. My spiritual perception has also increased, my intuition and general perception has skyrocketed. Back in February, I had a compassion for the Earth, for humanity and other beings I never thought I had after what happened to me and Benjamin on the night of the snow moon. It explains the vibrations I had which I couldn’t explain when I shook involuntarily and thought there was an earthquake or a truck going by which there was not. Also, divine synchronicity which is a concept which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no casual relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related – which I’ve had plenty of but it seems more than coincidences to me.

I’ve had a lot of symptoms occur while I had all this happen to me however. Challenges, emotional struggles and mental and physical pain all occurred to me. I had trouble with my emotions had mental and physical pains on my head around my forehead that didn’t feel like the normal headache or migraine – It felt like a numbing sensation, it was different. Changes happened to me on the level of mind, body, spirit and emotion. My vibrational energy has become lighter, my conscious awareness has expanded and my thoughts, emotions and beliefs have changed – especially that night of the snow moon on February 11th. My physical body is shifting to hold increased levels of light. There is a tingling that happens around my forehead and I can never put my finger on it as to why it happens and my doctor doesn’t know why I have this happen either. I also at times get a rush of energy flow through me like electricity. I feel this tingling happen at the top of my head and at times in my hands – it is the divine light flowing in and around me. Whenever I look up my angel numbers I get from a call on the phone, seeing the number randomly, hearing a telephone or fire dept. siren they pretty much fall in line to what I may be feeling at the time.

I am connected to my higher self a higher consciousness and feel much more present and aware. I have the 7 signs of spiritual awakening.

Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states are all aspects of our lives that will undergo change. We evolved physically in the past 50,000 years and evolved mentally in the past 2000. Our next evolution is spiritually – as our mentality is already at its height during this digital age. Emotions are a part of it and can wait.

Here are the full symptoms:

And here is a song: Broiler – Rays of Light


With love and light, always!~


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