February 16th-21st

This was when we started to transfer our talks to snapchat and was when Emotion started to be much more controlling of the situation. Things were starting to get desperate with Benjamin trying to get back to Chelsea. It was dire.

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

On February 16th, was the day that he took away his computer so that Anthony would be less involved with things. I asked him if he was at home or not and Benjamin told me that he never wants to be back home. I asked if he was with the government again or not and he said he was alone and was on top of a tall building in LA – where he was taken by taxi. He told me that he would go to New York because he wanted to see more of the world – that he wanted to seek the truth. Then Emotion took over and said that I still seem to be working to get Chelsea back to him. He told me that at the end of the month he was planning on going to New York. I asked how Veronica and Jessica are and what they thought and Emotion told me he hates when I speak about them since they both want him dead or removed from Benjamin. He had to take him somewhere so he left. Then we had a plan of what I was going to do to get Chelsea back and I wrote it out on post it notes. He saw that his brother was trying to contact her without any luck.

In the early morning of February 17th, I get sent a picture of Emotion leaving Benjamin’s body. (Skype Imgur album image 15) It is unclear in the picture what is what but I clearly see some white “smoke” on the top which could be him above the shadow. I was unsure as to why Emotion was leaving and asked if “something happened” and he told me that he was “finding answers.” I asked what will happen to Benjamin and Emotion said that he will “do as he requested.” That he scraped Benjamin’s eye. I thought that he would be killing someone and Emotion told me “that no one will die yet”. He said “this kid got some power.” On February 17th, Benjamin was wondering why I was still trying to help him and that “why can’t anyone just let me die” and I said that I don’t wish for that on anyone. That he hates everyone and doesn’t need anyone. That there is no hope or point in living. I told him not to say that to me or yourself. I urged him on to continue with this that I was waiting for some type of opportunity. He agreed that he wouldn’t starve himself.. Emotion came on and asked me if I talked to him and said everything yet and told him that I will but that the timing wasn’t perfect since my family eats so late. He said not to make him say it again.

On February 18th, I called him and explained to him what me and Emotion’s plans were to getting Chelsea back and he listened to me this time. After my talk we started using Snapchat to talk and Emotion seemed pleased with me since Benjamin heard me out. Later, he was at this club and people seemed to want to help him with something. 42 to be exact. He told me he was a co-owner of it for two years with his best friend Matthew and his big brother. He told me that’s mostly where Matthew documented Benjamin and monitored him. Then there was a mention of venom suddenly and he was ordering some from someone. Then Emotion took over again and asked me if I did what I was supposed to do last night. I said that I did but I got no contact from Chelsea and he said that Benjamin isn’t willing to wait much longer. Then he tells me that Benjamin seems to be conducting more heat than normal, and that he can adjust his body temperature drastically. Then he switches back to Real Ben and tells me he’s been drinking venom and wanting to end everything – his heart starting to race. He wanted to end it and that he couldn’t continue any further. I tried to talk him out of it and he agreed to not have any more of whatever he was having.

On February 19th, Anthony tried speaking to me again and I expressed how it annoyed me that he didn’t use his own account. I told him that Benjamin didn’t like it that Anthony was talking to me. I told him that it only escalated things when we talked. He was very keen on trying to help Benjamin and I understood so I let him talk but he had to go since Benjamin woke up. He asked me if there was anything interesting he wanted to hear and I told him that she was on the Minecraft server we frequented and then I later spoke to Emotion as he switched over. I signed on to the server and me and Chelsea played on the server for awhile while being mindful of what I said to her. Emotion and I casually talked on snapchat while making sure everything went smoothly and trying to be nice to her while giving her a lot of space. Benjamin started to fight back wanting to talk to Chelsea but his heart was held back by Emotion. Then Anthony came by saying that his heart rate was really high going up from 170-190 and was trying to help calm him down. I stayed away for too long and caused trouble for Benjamin / Emotion apparently. We continued to try things to trigger her online to say something. Emotion warned me that he would be doing something tomorrow that wouldn’t be too nice against her and then she went offline.

Emotion told me that he would blackmail her and make her have to pay a fine of 1000$. He told me the government can blame her for his suffering for 1 million. He told me he doesn’t joke around with games like this and was serious in doing all this to her and her family. That “he knows how this generation works”. That Benjamin will have to say everything to leave it all up to her. That she is the suspect in all this and that Ben is the victim. Telling me “This is how you play the trickster’s game. That he lived for 529 years and that being a part of Benjamin has made him – Emotion/Blake relive his life. That he would end her after all that. I tried to give him an alternative choice to fake a blackmail on Benjamin himself to make her come back to him but that didn’t go with him as the evidence was already taken and prepared.

On February 20th Emotion blackmailed Chelsea and we basically waited for her to answer with two choices: to shut down her family and bankrupt them or to be with Benjamin forever. After all that time I knew that brute force needed to be used for this sort of thing as she wouldn’t understand the real reason if it were told. Emotion started to ask me if she answered me periodically and got mad when I didn’t give him a straight answer and told me he would have to kill me.

On February 21st he asked me again if she answered and I said no and preceded to tell me that I was on the list of death. Telling me that his guys would be watching her – the club members were sent out to her in Houston, Texas. After awhile of Emotion not asking me I got scared and took initiative to tell him that she hasn’t answered. Then he tells me that he brought him somewhere to make him more scared – showed me his old school where his friends died on Snapchat. Later he shows me a picture of a highway overpass and asked me if I wanted more time. Of course I said yes and he told me three days max and said it twice.

You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~


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