February 13th

This was quite the day for me and for Benjamin as well. Benjamin was nearly giving up that day and had a lot of trouble coping with all that was going on with him. I was also pretty broken from the last two days. It was just a lot of thoughts and what ifs going through our minds and I hated how one outcome would be if I failed to bring them together in time. It scared me to think of what was possible in happening after what was said and shown to me. It was certainly a struggle for us at the time.

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

On February 13th, Real Ben messages me “rest in peace my friend” and that “the world falls” and I didn’t know what to think as I was pretty broken as well. He gave me a picture of some people on a small raft boat saying that people are picking him up so he could swim in a chemical liquid. You can see the image at my Imgur Skype images album as the 9th one. I of course thought the idea was just asinine. He let Evil Emotion control him and told me that he is going to Devils gate. I asked if this was his true goodbye and was told by Emotion that Benjamin loves me as a friend. I wasn’t in the highest of spirits and said rest in peace to him and that I forgive. He shows devils gate (the 10th picture in my Imgur Skype images album) and says that he won’t kill him yet. Saying that he only has one dream and that is to achieve the friendship of Chelsea so he can be his real self once more. Saying that he was never supposed to interfere with the relationship between Chelsea. He now shows me another picture, a tunnel through the Devils gate (11th picture on my Skype image album on Imgur) saying that he won’t be able to return once he enters. That he would go with five of his best friends. Telling me that his friends now know his secrets – that he can see ghosts / spirits, the ability to see his friends as ghosts.

This was where I was talking about that night on the 11th with the snow moon, lunar eclipse and comet. He tells me that there is another way to remove all the spirits from Benjamin and that was to find him another mate that he would like. I suggested that he could maybe blot out the memory of Chelsea but Emotion said that would be complicated for him. Telling me that Chelsea would be happy alone and that they both don’t want a relationship. I mentioned an interesting conversation that was had between Benjamin and Chelsea three months ago and thought I could use that as leverage for something but decided not to. I honestly didn’t know what I could have done to bring them back together. I told him that Chelsea thinks I’m like Benjamin now and was told it was because I was acting like him. That it wasn’t his or my fault but it was Emotion’s, Chelsea and her spirit’s fault for leaving Benjamin. Telling me she gets anxiety from her spirit. I said that, to explain that it was a spirit affecting her – she would just not believe me at all. He said that if I didn’t do anything he would send more than what he has, demons of Emotion, spirits of hell that seek to kill that would give no second chance once they have been released. All I wanted was to win Chelsea’s heart for Benjamin’s sake. He said that he is valuable, that he is a crystal, his friends are guards and I’m his healer. He said that his ex girlfriend came back to him and they became friends so Chelsea should come back to him as well.

This is where I said I wanted someone else to help me other than just spirits. This was where I started to feel alone from everything happening all at once. This was where he said “may the spirits be with you to give power” and that all four of them, Blake, Bianca, Veronica, and Jessica are all with me to provide me with information and ideas. That I would have to tread carefully if I wanted to win her heart and if I was careful I would win. Telling me that Resser was someone Chelsea speaks to as well but that he apparently was in the hospital. He then said that they would all stall things from happening. Later on things were still going on with Benjamin and didn’t know how much longer they could keep things up. I was told that Jessica modified Benjamin’s body and that a powerful taser was added to him that makes him fall to the ground whenever Chelsea says stop but the hospital took it out. Also telling me that there is a strange action he does, he senses the sound of a beating heart and something telling him to find her and senses her position as he meditates and zones out. I asked a question if they could acquire crystals to possibly calm down Benjamin and up their effects. He said that three or four are around but that they’re buried and would need to be found. He said that he is calming down now and that he is playing music so that Benjamin would calm down and he gave me a picture of him doing so (Look at 12th image on the Skype images album on Imgur). Then Benjamin comes to and messages me and the “funny” part of that was that I just prayed for him. Then he came out of it and was controlled again by Emotion. They said they found the crystal and tried it on him but then he started to lose himself. I was hoping that it would help him whatever kind of crystal it was.

I started to message Chelsea again and thought that I started to make her worry since I mentioned the word. This was where Emotion scolded me for saying something I shouldn’t have said to Chelsea – saying that Resser was in the hospital which they’ve actually told me. Saying that I shouldn’t just jump to conclusions and that time will come and that she will be who she is. He said that his eyes were red and not because of Emotion controlling him and that Benjamin is taking action on his own and him trying to break free from Emotion’s control. I was asked if I had enough sleep and told him that I kept getting up from my nap and that my head hurt all day. I mentioned that I was connected in that way but was told that I’m only connected because of me helping Emotion achieve his goal to be with Carly. Emotion Ben started to get frustrated with Chelsea and wanted to just kill her to release Carly. He said that I could tell Resser about it instead and that he can only make her open up about things. Then after, Emotion Ben said he will disappear from Benjamin’s body and go after and kill Chelsea within 3-5 months. He told me to hurry on getting into contact with Resser and do so before Benjamin would find out that Chelsea was dead. Then Evil Emotion came on saying that he would definitely kill Chelsea. Benjamin again started to give up and just wanted to die that night..

During that day I began to be noticeably strange to my parents, looking out windows and thinking what could happen. I was scared and started using places online to show this without indiscriminately telling someone like my friend online. One such thing I said to myself and quoted online was: “I will rise up as a spire against the sky and evil will not question me why, for I hold the key to love and life” and “a war of the mind, soul, spirit, love and their eternal friendship.”

You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~


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