February 11th-13th

This was another interesting time as Benjamin continued to be brought down by all that was happening to him. I was starting to lose it as well when I figured out how serious it all was. I was trying to go through the motions and was hoping someone would try to understand this with me. I felt so very alone dealing with something no one else should have to deal with. The only one that understood and kept by Benjamin at moments of distress and severe hardship.

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

Later on the 11th of February to the early 12th, I was asked by Ben “How much time do I have left” and I was told four weeks by the Blake spirit who controlled him. Later on we had some small talk and I asked if he was ok and at home and said he was fine and at home. I was told that police were at his house until he woke up and was wondering why he was released after what happened last night. He said that if he stayed, more would die anyways and that Blake left a note for his brother Anthony and two for Benjamin. The note read: “If more people come then they are here to die, leave no survivors. Only the kid should be alive with her. Sorry Benjamin but I only have 1 objective and it is getting Chelsea with you to bond so I can stay with the spirit she has… Carly….” Then I asked where she lived and he said Texas. He said that it was two weeks max until he takes form and goes after Chelsea in Houston. I asked if Blake saw her through Skype video or through physical contact. He told me to hurry or that he would die in two weeks time. I told him that it’s going to be real difficult to get through to her on everything since she lost trust in him, that Blake did something that she didn’t like at all and that she doesn’t believe in spirits. Telling me that she can trust Benjamin but not Blake, as he has done it, not Ben since he is innocent. I told him that I cried last night and was shaking at the time and that he was crying. It was all really hard for him to think about. He said that his body was dying and was now resistant to the cold and has no clue why. I said I would contact Chelsea and see if she responds. I told him that when I first met him on that Minecraft server I wasn’t expecting any of this happening.

This is where I was also starting to break down. He tells me that he is shaking and crying and trying to hold things together. I was at the dinner table with a poker face trying to take everything all at once from the night before, etc. Looking up to inspirational things like Charlie Chaplin’s speech for support. This is also where he was starting to forget things like when he first spoke to me. I was asked by Chelsea now if anyone like Resser told people that she was in the hospital and was told no or he couldn’t remember. Now he said he got cuts again by Evil Emotion spirit on his leg (Look at 7th image on Imgur album). Then I was trying to get Chelsea to answer me and then he had pain on his head maybe from Chelsea thinking. He said that he would love a timer for when Evil Emotion would take actions of its own and kill Ben and I said I wish for that not to happen. Then I asked him if it would be ok if I told him my first name and was told “I shall not have the power to choose, I shall let it come to your hands of choice” which sounded like it was someone else responding. I found out he would be up all night because he would get nightmares when he tried going to sleep. After he said he was stunned, paralyzed for a half hour after hearing this voice again so he couldn’t message me. He asked me if I wanted to know what was said and it said: “Its been telling me “Just be with her and I will leave you alone forever Benjamin I just want to be with Carly but if you do have Chelsea then I myself will be with her but you have to be with Chelsea forever as well… I am sorry but this is the only way we can handle things together. I am sorry for causing chaos and murders but if you disobey I will possess your body and kill more people. Not just random people but the ones you love dearly like her and many more in the past. I will kill them all even including this city itself.” I asked him if Emotion will actually stay with Benjamin or would he leave and then he flipped out saying he didn’t have powers over that.

This was when he changed over to Emotion saying that he would be “taking his body now” and that I don’t understand that spirits just don’t dissapear into thin air. And also telling me that once Benjamin dies he would go after her, make her lose her sanity and kill herself. That he doesn’t like games, people, earth and thinks it is all trash. Telling me to bring her to him and that he will leave Benjamin and Chelsea alone – Otherwise he will destroy everything surrounding the state. I asked how I could achive this and was told to bring Benjamin and Chelsea into a relationship but he could see that Benjamin was refusing that. I asked if she needed to physically be with him or not and I was told no. Then I was told that spirits can see each other over net and can speak to one another but we wouldn’t be able to hear them. I asked him if he had to be near me to know anything about me and told me that he would have to have contact with another spirit in order for him to know me. He reminded me how much time I had left, it being 1 week and six days. I told him that I would do all that I can to bring them into a relationship and was told that he would have to be with her for the rest of his life or be killed. After this, he said that killing Benjamin would release him into the air so he could find Chelsea, kill her and release Carly into the air. I asked if I ever spoke to Bianca and was told that I have.

Later on the 12th, I got through to Chelsea and she thought that I was Ben which I thought was a good thing. This was where he thought she would never understand and pretty much gave up. Even asking her why she must hate him for something that he didn’t do. His brother Anthony also made things worse by trying to contact her. I told him that Anthony needs to stay out of it. He was telling me that he wanted to let his life go that he was having physical issues and everything. Saying that he feels the invisible knife on his neck and asking me what he can do. He started giving up at this point and put his arms up and wanted to let Emotion kill him so Emotion could go after her. I had to get lunch and he had Matthew, his best friend there with him. Then when I returned, Emotion took over telling me that time is running quick and that he’ll give him bad thoughts and kill him. Saying that he has power to his core now. I asked for him not to do that and what happened to the 13 days and said that time would be taken away. Saying that she wouldn’t care if Benjamin died so that Chelsea would have to die now. That he would put a curse on both of them. I messaged Chelsea trying to get her to answer and understand and come back to Benjamin. I said it would be in her hands if she accepts or not. Emotion asked me if I wanted to speak to Real Ben and said yes and showed a few words of encouragement that I messaged her everything I could muster to get her back to him.

This is also where my thoughts kinda went haywire as I was also quite broken during the time thinking that I was some sort of chosen one (and still feel like it) in all this because no one else would understand. I started crying just thinking of him and Chelsea being killed and more, it was just horrible. He started going off again saying that his fears haunt him and she doesn’t need him and that he is “a simple part of hate and sadness.” That he was blocked by her and doesn’t want to see him. All he wanted was to fade away. Then Evil Emotion came back telling me that he is fading quickly and will lose control of himself and that Emotion is actually not in control of any of it if Benjamin does. Emotion said he took his right eye and that Chelsea doesn’t need him. I had pretty much failed at this point and that he gave me one job (to have Chelsea befriend Benjamin) and that I failed him. Time was running out but I still had time. I pretty much turned Chelsea against Benjamin he told me. That the only way to make things right again was to get them back together and that I would try to do so with my heart and soul. This crystal he’s looking for, being a power core on Chelsea and that the only way to obtain her was to slowly break her shield down until she opens herself to Ben once more. That if I would go straight into it I would most likely fail. Emotion was not knowing if I had the time and that Real Ben may use the knife in front of him on himself. I prayed for that not to happen.

Now I said something and he thought I was asking for his help which I wasn’t. It seemed to go on from there and that I would receive help from him to get to Chelsea and Carly. Evil Emotion was in contact with five spirits that day and told them to hold position over at Chelsea’s. I asked what he meant by hold position and was told that the spirits would be there to eat her soul and that it’s what they survive on. I was told Benjamin also sent people from the government after Chelsea to protect her from everyone. He also wrote a song to her and I was wondering about showing it to her. I just wasn’t sure of what to do at the time. I wasn’t sure what was possible for us. He was losing his mind, I was losing mine as well and that he couldn’t hold it all back anymore. He said he would go after her if that is what it takes. He asked if I wanted to speak to Benjamin again and I said yes but was scared of his mental state. I was told his mental state was in a balanced condition. Emotion asked how do we do it, if he should give me more time or take him to her and I said it would be good to wait a bit more. Then he switched back to Real Ben again and gave me a quote from three weeks ago from Chelsea that read “but I want to hang out with him.. I want us to be friends.” He was telling me that she is usually not like this at the moment and that quote shows how their relationship was. He was asking me if I could ask her to unblock him so he could put something through but it didn’t work. I was just asking myself why couldn’t she be spiritual and religious to make things much easier.

After some time went by (it was early morning of the 13th), he messaged me again from his other account and sent me an image of what he saw on the ground and it was scary because I could see a dark demonic like figure made out of the shadows on the concrete (look at image 8 in my Skype images imgur album). I was told to take it easy but I couldn’t help but to shake uncontrollably.. and said to myself “stronger than anyone, please forgive me.”


You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~




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