February 9th-10th

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

This was where more information was unearthed about Ben’s story and a confirmation of what Emotion was. Benjamin was getting attacked this night by Emotion and interesting things started to happen.

On February 9th, this was where he started saying that it won’t heal saying that “the spear has got him already” and that he will die now and commit suicide. I was trying to reason with him telling him to not think that way. I asked if he had any known medical conditions and he said he didn’t have any. I asked him if he could try something, to try to get a holy Bible and try to see if something reacts to it but he didn’t want any of it. He said he wouldn’t go any further than his room. Saying now that the girl no longer appears but it is now a spear or his death. Saying that he doesn’t want to continue and that it’s like a game of punishment and torture and that no matter how hard I try nothing will work. This was where I wasn’t really sure of all his talk yet again and had an essay of stuff written out for him. I thought it was still a prank but still had thoughts of it being something demonic that happened to him like an ungodly soul tie. This is where he poured out more information on me. That it was not his fault he got possessed and all the things that happened to him such as the loss of his father, friends and his mom having troubles now. This is where I tried to calm him down and to tell him that he needed to find some sort of help about this. This is also where he put his trust in me to help him and said that his best of friends can’t help him.

This is where he changed again to Emotion and told me that Real Ben should have been dead and threw some profanity at me. Told me to leave him alone. Saying that he is just an ordinary kid feeling his pain. This is where he started saying that he is cutting his body. He told me to bring the key to Real Ben’s soul or Chelsea in this case. Saying that it’s about the person with the power and that Chelsea gives him power and that he goes into his “rage mode” and kills people that capture him. This is where I didn’t quite understand and where he said that he is more than just an emotion. This is where I started to ask him questions and found out that Emotion is indeed a spirit who was sent by someone and would not say by whom. That he is controlling him, controlling Benjamin. I asked him if he can sense things and he could not but only if he made a connection with me. I asked if this happened to other people online and he said that this is the first occurrence February 9th 2:38 PT. I told him that Jesus Christ will put him down but he couldn’t do anything to him because he has more souls attached to him. Telling me to bond Chelsea and Benjamin together to make things right. Saying he lost her and that they were supposed to be friends together until she ages and dies. That it’s what Ben wants, to not be alone. Saying that no one can help him (Real Ben) and that’s why he gives the answer to me. Telling me he can be mean but he can be nice, that he is emotion with two feelings.

This is where things got more interesting. Emotion told me that Evil was doing horrible things to Real Ben saying that they are Yin and Yang, one evil and one good. I asked if I was talking to Evil or Emotion and that Evil was the one cursing me trying to make me stay away from him. That this one is trying to protect him (I was thinking it was Bianca talking to me here). I asked about Veronica but was told that it is a different spirit attached to Ben and Emotion spirit (I will continue to name the spirit Emotion). I asked how I was doing with him and Good Emotion said that I am doing fine and that Veronica would be talking to me later. Saying that I needed to help him and that I was trying my very best to do that. I was promised that if I achieved the friendship between Ben and Chelsea that they would be able to restore his life back to normal. That Evil will also move on. I asked if a deliverance or exorcism be done and was told that those type of things wouldn’t work on them. Saying that evil is being held back and that his veins and eyes are not in good shape. That Real Ben is scared and that the same thing happened two years ago. Saying that the kid (Real Ben) is slowly dying in pain and I asked if there was anything more to help him other than having him befriend Chelsea. Emotion said that there isn’t anything he can ask for and that he’s trying not to give up. That words of encouragement would not work, only getting through to Chelsea would stop things from happening. I asked if he is thankful for finding someone like me and he said that Ben is always thankful but can’t because of his depression. I asked how I could even contact her because I had trouble getting her Skype profile and that it’s hard to friend someone on instagram and snapchat. So we shared screens and I was shown Chelseas profile and information. Emotion had to leave to let Real Ben sleep.

Now I was talking to Jessica who said she was also a spirit who is following him. A good spirit. I asked about Veronica and was told that she was her support. I asked how are we speaking right now and if she could put pressure on things like keys. I didn’t get a straight answer, I got “about that.” I immediately asked if she is a old spirit and got the answer of yes, about 500 years old. I was told to get the girl back to Real Ben again. Saying that Evil crushed and destroyed Ben’s and Chelseas relationship they had. Benjamin’s eyes glowed red and killed 127 men, gangsters in the LA area. That Chelsea knows about it. I was wondering why he wasn’t in jail for killing people or more likely why Evil Emotion wasn’t. If they were to Banish him then good will become evil. That it would be like Yin and Yang, of good and evil. There is some black on the white and some white on the black. I asked her if she was amongst the living and she said she was a little girl and got chased off a cliff and died. That her body was found at a temple and that’s where she became a spirit. Also saying that the temple lays underground under this cliff that collapsed 400 years ago and that she can’t find her body again. I asked her if that’s why she’s trapped in limbo or purgatory and she didn’t know those terms as she died as a child. I should have apologized a bit more but asked her if she could tell me more about Chelsea and Ben.

This goes back to my first story post of what happened before September. She told me that Benjamin was himself for a month and came back to see the beautiful world again but still cried for his lost friends who died in a school fire. So Ben one day was playing Minecraft on the Gotpvp server and was just standing in spawn spamming his keyboard making him crouch. This is where he met Chelsea and decided to build her character and then he had to go. He was happy that he made someone happy. The next day she was on with him but Real Ben didn’t come back due to his memory. Scared to come back because everywhere he went people just died like him being the curse to everyone but he should know it happens naturally and he can’t control the fact that his friends died. For Chelsea however, she ran across Evil Emotion. Saying that when his friends died that was when he abandoned his feelings, didn’t want to feel or sense it, didn’t want to get hurt everytime something happened right in front of him. That’s where Evil took over his body completely. This is why people looked for him because he’s a weapon due to evil and is why some gangs want to initiate him in but evil killed them instead.

That the time in September where he said he was depressed was a heads up from evil. After unbelieving a little about him actually killing people I asked how did people not kill him. I was told that when Evil takes over he is more powerful than anyone with amazing speed, with slash and dodge and even more abilities. I told her it sounds scary for it all to be actual fact and she said to me that she wanted me to know this stuff. That good and evil are twin spirits with different personalities that are stuck together. That they died together and became a spirit. Died together as sister and brother. The sister being the good educated soul and the brother being the bad and athletic soul. I asked how much time I had left with her and I was told 17 minutes. I asked how she knew and that she can see and know time itself and knows what will happen to him tomorrow as well. I asked if she could sense what I pick up and she said she had a limitation of 1 mile away. I was also asking if she could communicate with spirits near my area to contact me and she said that I don’t contain that ability since I’ve only seen one, an orange orb spirit over my bed when I was about 13 years old. That for any ability like that I would have to be within a mile away from Real Ben. This is where she let me off and I finally went asleep.

In the early morning on February 10th, I finally messaged Chelsea and wanted to tell Real Ben. So I messaged him but didn’t get to him but got to his brother Anthony again. Anthony said that his brother was taken in to the hospital in the morning so they can analyze his brain and body damage. I asked why and was told he lost himself last night and I added I knew that he was being messed up and that it wasn’t exactly him doing it to himself. Anthony said it was from lack of sleep and unknown behavior. Then I asked Anthony if he remembered me asking him why he was saying “where is the key?”. Anthony told me that he noticed that it wasn’t him and that his eye color changed. I told him what the key was and that it was a girl on Skype and he knew because Benjamin’s best friend Matthew gave him a document. I asked what was in the document and it was about the two years Benjamin was never himself and it was something he didn’t know about until the start of this year. I was asking him what he thought was happenning and was told that a lot of scars appeared on Benjamin’s body and that no one knows why. I said that I had the answer and was trying to see if we were on the same page as to the reason why. I was trying to see if he knew what Emotion was at this time and he didn’t know what it was yet. I said that Jessica and Veronica were helpers trying to keep evil at bay. Saying that there is a good side and bad side to his other self, Emotion and that he will remain depressed and that Emotion would not leave him alone until he, Emotion gains the love of Chelsea once more.

Then Anthony says that “the eye of a blade who wants to kill my brother wants love in order to leave” and I said yes that’s what the good soul/spirits told me and that all will be returned to normal once that happens. He asked how do we get to her or vice versa and I said I have contact with her now and to let Benjamin know when he comes back to normal. I tried to see if he knew that they were actually spirits and not just a separate soul attached to Benjamin. I needed his trust in me since I’ve helped his brother out so much and he accepted. Anthony was looking for answers and I happen to be one of the people that does have answers. Saying that the gangsters got Benjamin after flipping the car he was in, killed the cops that had Benjamin and then kidnapped him. That he survived in the car without bleeding out. That was when evil killed about 130 of them and is why Benjamin is called “valuable weapon” to them. Anthony then says that Benjamin is a very smart and talented kid when he wasn’t originally in elementary and middle school. Though when high school came around he became smart within four months. There was a lot of talk but Anthony did say that he saw Evil with red eyes looking at Anthony while stabbing “himself” while in the bathroom. He was also telling me that there was a secret page of a video of Real Ben choking himself and Benjamin trying to fight back. It was when Evil lost control of it’s right arm and started to turn against himself. I was also told that when Benjamin was two, that he ate a blueish green crystal of some sort while at Long Beach, California. The doctor’s couldn’t remove it because it was melded into his body somehow. This is where Anthony needed to go.

I talked to Real Ben after this and pretty much told him that Chelsea is what he needed to get things back to normal. However, he didn’t take it. I was trying to edge him on about it but he said that “friends do nothing” and was trying to tell him that wasn’t true. I tried showing him what I was told by the helper spirits and the answer was still no. I let him go to sleep after that and let him recover.

You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

With love and light, always!~



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