January 28th-February 1st

This is a nonfiction story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

During these days it was more of a lull, a downtime with no sign of Emotion affecting him this time. Chelsea came back to him for a little while now as she was out of the hospital. I thought that whatever I was doing was working for him to make him feel better.

On January 28th, was the day he had his checkup and everything was good with his health. After, he said he was walking back home at night with friends and gave me a picture to confirm it. (Imgur Skype images, image 2) I was happy to see he wasn’t going alone, though he said he was going to separate from them and walk back about fourty minutes through a shady part of town. I wasn’t too sure of it and suggested he not go through any bad streets and get dropped off by car but he didn’t take my advice. So during his walk apparently he had a gun shot wound on his hand. (Imgur Skype images, image 4) I wasn’t too sure of it but he did say where he would be walking through. Walking through the Compton area no doubt. I asked who shot him and he said it was gangsters that did. He said the police would usually stay away from that area. I was wondering why I even suggested anything to him anymore. Later, I gave him a light hearted comment about drunkards coming off the train by me being the worst problem for my area. I was just happy that he was safe. I now look back at the third image in my Imgur Skype images album and wonder what that face is because it doesn’t look like him. It was when he left his friends that night.

On January 29th, is basically the day we played a ton of Minecraft and on there he was normal, he was himself for the remainder of the day. Saying that it’s the Real Ben that I’m speaking to now. I was quite happy at this time to see that I was most likely helping him with his thoughts but trouble soon started again.

On January 31st, this was when he was talking about knives for whatever reason and telling me that “shes cutting” and continued on about knives. I told him to stop it but he said his body is forcing him into it and it isn’t him doing it. I told him to fight it and he said that he wouldn’t give in. He said he had no one but that he has me and I told him I wish I could be over there for him. We started to play Minecraft and a lot of it after the delightful little chat. After we played Minecraft some things started to happen. His brothers had forced him to do homework and he hated them for that. I was trying to be supportive and saying that it’s important for his future and they wanted whats best for him.

On February 1st, he had thoughts again saying that he can’t move, speak, or hear and only see and feel. I asked him if he was ok and he said he was fine just that he didn’t have much words. He couldn’t sleep and just wanted to release his emotions. I was trying to reason with him and have some way to offer advice / comfort him. Telling him that if he doesn’t find help about this situation that it will just get worse for him. Him telling me it’s because of his nightmares and his hate and that he can no longer sense emotion. I was trying to tell him to get those bad thoughts out and replace them with good memories. Also trying to tell him that he has some sort of condition that he needs help managing. He tells me he wants to be sent away, he wanted to be away from his brothers, away from home and wanted to be somewhere else he hasn’t been to yet with someone he can’t see yet. I asked if he talked to Chelsea and he said he doesn’t know why she is “awake” – or out of the hospital. I had called him on Skype chat and talked to him for awhile while he played some games on an ipad. It was an interesting conversation to say the least.

You may follow the story from the full Skype chat logs from my “how the story goes” post.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.


With love and light, always!~


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