Prologue (until the 22nd of January)

Here starts my non-fiction story, a story of extreme hardships, the divine purpose before me, mysticism, my ascension sickness that I dealt with and esotericism. Understand that this is all non-fiction from here on out. I will go on a day by day basis for the most part except for the prologue and epilogue. The next one in the series will be given each passing day from now on. As the story goes on please make sure to start from the prologue.

When Benjamin was only two years old, Anthony his big brother has told me he ate a small crystal on a shoreline that was blueish green and it seemed to meld into part of his body – his heart and throughout his body. Doctors didn’t know what to do about it. The crystal was near the beach near San Onofre power plant in California and it was blueish in color. Life seemed normal during his middle school years until around 2014 with Ben not being himself for quite a long while, when I feel he lost his friends in a school fire and lost all emotion. Emotion we’ll call it, took over his body then on and was during early summer of 2016 that he came out of it from Emotion being at rest and saw the world again with his own eyes for just a month. One day he was on the Minecraft server Gotpvp and just stood in spawn spamming his keyboard on the shift button making himself crouch and happened to run into Chelsea there. He was bored and built Chelsea’s character. He had to go but was delighted that he made someone else happy. They continued to be together for awhile after that and it was truly amazing that they had run into each other on there which would be found out later. Emotion took him over yet again and turned the friendship into something more intimate. Benjamin was trying to get to me for help on Wolf Den Minecraft server on September 21st and he was noticeably depressed as he told me. He couldn’t really say what was going on with him and it was actually Emotion giving me a hint that something troubling was occurring. Ben broke down during early December and Evil Emotion took him over and Chelsea ran across it.

In December, I talked to Benjamin on the Minecraft server that he should just overcome his emotions with whatever was happening to him at the time. During this time, I was trying to get him to snap out of it and had no idea what was really happening to him. He said he was being chased by people and I thought he had also ran away from home and was suicidal whatever the case was. His thoughts seemed delusional and very cryptic to me. In fact he was in crisis and had run away on December 9th with his brother Anthony signing in asking where he went. He never acted this way for the five months I’ve known him. He was also possessed by a powerful spirit which I didn’t know about at the time. Evil killed 200 gang members in LA and some gangs have been seeking him out because he is a weapon due to Evil possessing him. It seemed to get worse as it went along because I think Chelsea left him around that time or thought he was out of his mind but it was not “him.” He was a friend of mine, another friend I didn’t want to lose. I didn’t hear from him for a month and started searching for him to see if he had ran away or something, kidnapped or whatnot but there was nothing! I was scared that he may have killed himself on January 16th and had it all planned out three days prior in what he said to me before and I hated that I may have lost another friend but now to suicide.. I ran off to my secret place that night.. and avoided online the best I could while seeing if my good friend online, LW (we’ll call him) would still be there for me. I was trying to see if he would care enough to find me and bring me back and then I came back after seeing he friended Ben on Steam and had talked to him through Skype.

When I did come back online on the 20th after LW helping me, that was when things started to get real interesting. We had our talks together with LW, Ben and I and that’s where I heard ‘HIM’, that demonic type voice.. the one that “wanted the crystal”, “the key to the crystal” and wondered what it was about exactly. (Skype images album on Imgur, 1st image description). I was scared to even answer back to the voice I heard which was not him, not Benjamin. I used to try to get a hold on what was happening and get more advice and found someone there that was truly an angel in disguise as she stayed with me even as it got rather dark and scary. She helped me to try to understand what was happening. In the early morning on the 22th of January was when I conversed with it, I typed to Emotion Ben – the evil side of Emotion. Emotion is the counterpart of Real Ben (we’ll say from now on) when he is possessed and controlled. It was scary and it is where I thought there is no way that this could have been Ben at all, I thought he was possessed or at the very least having schizophrenia and alternate personality thoughts but it seemed a bit more than that to me. I was intrigued and enjoyed a mystery I can solve to help him.. his thoughts were focused on hatred of humans and I quote, “I came from somewhere else and possessed this kid.” I just played along during the conversation but it was still scary and was not the Ben I knew. I truly wanted to help him out and stayed with him even if it seemed like a dark and futile effort. With the great compassion in my heart, I just couldn’t leave him like that and powered through on this ride that changed my life.

It is important to start from the prologue of this story for it to come together and to look through the rest of the earlier posts for information and insight. It is really important for you to do this to get the full picture. I wouldn’t be putting this down if I wasn’t being truthful and honest with everything.

You may get to my Skype images at my “how the story goes” post. I suggest you only see the ones that you need to see for the time being.

How the story goes


With love and light, always~


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