Some details about myself

Before I get started with my story I wanted to show you information on myself. Let’s see here, this is information on myself because I see it as relevant and it may get a little personal but it shows who I am and why this is happening to me at this age, during this time is more than pure coincidence. More than just superstition and off the wall thoughts. I am quite humble, very kind, honest, patient, loyal and genuine – I don’t fake anything. I’m honest to the point where it kills me. I would go to my grave with this information. It just takes a special sort of person to understand things fully. Someone intensely patient and understanding beyond all else. It would be a good idea to go through my other posts before reading through this as the whole is important here, not the parts. I do it in parts to make the information a little more readable. So this post is as important as any other here but works best if everything has been read through.

It would be nice to have someone there for me who understands past all the chat logs, pictures, and information that I am sincere and only want the best in things. I want to share this with you because it was incredible to me once I put two and two together and was patient enough to go through the motions. It blew up what I thought about some things. Such as chakras and certain powers from crystals that allow calming or others and the fact that spirits use and see this energy as well. We’re all connected, there’s energy all around us that we take and share from. From nature, from the stars, moon, and planets and everything else affecting our lives. From the color of spiritual orbs meaning certain things. It’s all very real. It’s all connected in a spiritual divine sense. It confirms a lot of things I once thought. It feels good to have this knowledge and sharing knowledge like that is what I wish to do.

In the grand scheme of things I am trying to figure out who I represent in this situation. I am 29 the same age Jesus was when he started his teachings. My first name literally means water or lake, “a body of water” and my middle names are James Lucien which I have said mean supplanter and light. A replacer of light so to speak. My last name means “A foreigner”. I always felt quite different in all my years. I am intensely interested in all things of this Earth, Earth science is up there in my favorite topics. I am also very much for natural things and the environment and don’t like if there’s not a simple reason why a tree needs to be removed outright. I almost care too much for nature at times or care too much in general. I also have a ton of compassion I try to show to everyone I meet.

I am very spiritually connected and had some very vivid dreams. A dream of a plane falling from the sky across from my house before 9/11; there was no sound (13 years old). Another dream later on where it was just a sound that was louder than anything I’ve heard of before. More recent, I dreamed of these Cyclopean walls with huge gates several stories high and the lighting seemed sort of somber on the outside. The first gate seems locked but the second was open. I opened the door and the dream ended there. At one time, I heard my name out loud when I was about 12 years old all alone at home. I checked to make sure no one was home and it sounded as if it was at my ear. It put chills down my spine when I heard it. The voice was motherly in a way. I kept seeing the number 1234 very often throughout my life.

For some other information about myself, I will say that; I am a virgin regretfully, I love unconditionally, I’m not gay, I’m non-violent, I am extremely forgiving, I have truly suffered in life – even more so now, I have a strict moral code and I’m quite virtuous. I have mentioned in my about me that I was a born again Methodist Christian in 2010 and that I was baptized as a baby. I am an ‘architect’ living in “White Plains.” I have brown hair, blue eyes and have sort of a long face. I am pretty much a modern hermit still at home with my parents (and also planning to move out sometime soon).

I’m not saying I’m second coming but that I seem to be ‘something’, like a brother of Jesus. Jesus had a brother or step brother named James and is first born after Jesus.. With what happened to me I’m just trying to stomach what I went through to be here now and putting these things together. If I wasn’t there for Benjamin (look up his name meaning) when I was, there is no telling what could have happened in February in the Los Angeles area. I feel like I saved a lot of people when I intervened and helped this child to overcome it all. The fact I did this, slaved and sort of sacrificed myself for this good outcome and no one knows about it is just crazy to me. That is why I’m here. Do what you will with this information. Make sure you don’t miss any other post. Always non-fiction here.

Here is Miracles by Andrew Rayel

P.S. I’m really allergic to red wine and it seems to only be red wine..

With love and light, always~


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