A better look

I will be writing more in depth from now on I believe of my non-fiction story. It will cover more than usual. Then by a day by day basis I will update when something important happens nearly real time – though it has been slow as of late. Again, this is a way to try to find some true followers. People who will actually believe these truths. Fellow mystics and Bible/spiritual followers. It is a very specific area that is quite esoteric. Esoteric: “intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest”. That’s probably the most important word if not one of them when I work on my documentation of these events, this non-fiction story. It’s hard going at it alone without someone else that understands completely or understands a good amount. It is for someone who is very patient and looks at the big picture instead of piece by piece. It’s an amazing thing really and it’s all the reasons why I stayed with him.

I am just a bit unsure where to start since there is a lot to cover if I do it day by day. A lot happened to me and Benjamin during our month+ together. I didn’t like being alone in it but I fought on for him and for everyone on Earth really. There’s no telling what could have happened if I didn’t give in to his commands. He – Emotion was serious about everything he has told me.

I will still add some updates from time to time however that will accompany the non-fiction story. I just gave general information up to this point.

I also wonder how things will go since I’m stating everything as fact and only facts of non-fiction, as truths that people shouldn’t just look away from. I’m pouring this all out to you so that maybe a few people catch on. I’m not asking for much just a few dedicated followers.

With God as my witness, I hold these truths as 100% fact.


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