Numerology, Tarots, Spirituality, Astrology and Astronomy, etc.

In Tarots:

For tarot users: My birth date is 1141987 Nov. 4th. If you would put that into a Tarot you get the main key of: “The Bestower” (IV The Emperor, XIX The Sun, V The Hierophant, X Wheel of Fortune, XI Justice) and a minor key of “Tarot Arcana” – (XI Justice and XI The Hermit)

You also get a 3323 number from the elements at the bottom of that which gives you “The Creator”

In Astrology:

With that, I have said I’m a Scorpio, a water sign and the ruling planet is Pluto, the planet of revival, revelation and ruin in astrology. What is the next age supposed to be? The Vth age (or 5th age), an age of ruin and revival of some kind as shown in the Bible. A great war to start and the great tribulation 6th age to follow. It has already started even if it all seems mundane or of this plane of existence.

I am also the deer star Mrigashira in Hindu astrology; the Star of searching in the constellation of Orion. I am constantly searching up things and am incredibly restless and nervous at times. I like to collect things. I am an investigator and researcher. It is governed by Mars, my old ruling planet replaced with Pluto.

In Numerology:

Angel Number: 114 (my birth month and day) link

I know what you are thinking, tarots and astrology is no good but it shows.. I have already apologized tenfold for going to this point.

In Astronomy:

This is really to show you that the stars are aligned. Take a good look at celestial events, for they hold keys to important days of the year. link

February 11th and 26th were both nights of significance in the “story” line. Two opposite things happened on those days. There were definitely certain energies being thrown about. A lunar eclipse, snow moon and comet one day and a solar eclipse at the end. The day things went full circle with darkness and I felt changes happen to me and had my purpose given to me and the other day when things were happy and good again when Benjamin and Chelsea came back together.

Sorry that this is just a copy from my Youtube. I will get back to it if I have more to show.

This is here for the completionist with all that I have to write. To apply to what I have documented so far.

Also, another song: Breathe Carolina & Shanahan ft. Haliene – Stars & Moon


Some coincidences can’t be hidden.~


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