Name meanings and Etymology, etc.

Here is some name meanings and etymology for people that will read through my posts and my full Skype chat logs. It helps to read them side by side since he switches between them at times. So here they are:

James meaning “supplanter” and is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob meaning one who takes the place of someone or something that was there first and Lucien which is Latin in origin, meaning “light”. My first name being Latin based, meaning “water” or “sea”, a body of water. My last name which I won’t provide either is Welsh in origin and means “Welshman”. The origin of the English word for Welsh last names is an Anglo-Saxon (German) word “wealisc” which means “a foreigner.” I live in White Plains, New York. I hope you understand where I’m getting at with this, “White Plains” can be a code name for Heaven. My initials however are AJLG.

Benjamin’s name is Hebrew in origin and means “son of the south” or “right hand of God” and his last name is Lui, which is Chinese in origin (liú) meaning to “kill or destroy”. The fact that he is Chinese is another thing. I’ll let that sink in for you. He lives in San Gabriel California. Gabriel is a Hebrew name in origin which means God is my strength. Who is Gabriel? An Archangel who is a messenger of God.

Chelsea’s name is Old english in origin and means “seaport”, a port landing for a ship such as a jetty, wharf or dock – or simply “a port of ships”. It also means “chalk landing place” and chalk rocks are usually white. Houston, Texas, where she lives is a port city on a ship canal. Anyone who is Christian will understand that we will be “shipped off” when the time comes.

Benjamin’s best friend’s name is Matthew. The meaning of the name is “gift of Yahweh” or God’s gift. Matthew in the Bible served as the author of the first gospel in the New Testament. Benjamin’s best friend watched and documented Benjamin’s life from day to day and what happened to him as he was possessed. Followed him and took note of what he has told him, his actions and where he went.

Blake, the spirits name of “The Blade”, the Evil one possessing Benjamin is an old English name in origin. It means someone who has either a very dark or light complexion. Blake is a bipolar twin spirit with an extreme evil side and an extreme good.

Bianca, Blake’s twin sister attached to him who is the extreme good side, which is Italian in origin and means “white” or “shining”.

Carly, a spirit, who is Blake’s love attached to Chelsea, is derived from the Old English name “ceorl” which means man, freeman, peasant and also small champion in Gaelic. Carly represents us mortal folk.

Jessica’s name is Hebrew in origin and means “Rich” or “God beholds”. The original Hebrew name means “foresight”, or being able to see the potential in the future. She is one of the good helper spirits attached to Benjamin who has the ability to see into the near future.

Veronica’s name is Latin in origin and means “true image” or “honest image” and her name is described as: saintly, sensuous, and strong. The one who wiped the face of Jesus Christ with a cloth and his image appeared on it. You can see more about her in the Bible. She is also a helper spirit attached to Benjamin who helps keep evil at bay. In February he used to see an image of a neutral Gothic woman that was burned into his thoughts whenever he felt Chelsea’s pain.

My nickname, Kaisei which I have been using since early 2016, is also the name of a ship built in 1987 – my year I was born. Kaisei also means “reform” in Japanese.

A best friend of mine, whose name I will not reveal is directly involved in this online with initials LTGW. The meaning of his first name means “William” and is a short form of it which is Irish in origin. In Old German, these parts were merged into “willa” – which means “will” or “resolution,” and “helma” which means “helmet.” Put these together and it means “helmet of will” or “guardian”. Another combination being: “resolute of protection” or another meaning being “strong-willed warrior.” His second name is Old English in origin and is an occupational surname for “a civil guard” or “a keeper of the watch” while in Old Gaelic it means “son of the bard.” A “keeper of the watch” is someone who serves in a ships’ watch and requires them to do special duties such as watch keeping from the port and starboard watches (or the left and right of a ship). He helped me overcome myself when I thought I had lost someone and show that Benjamin was still there (from my 33-video documentation of events if read) and then I continued to be with and supported Benjamin after our reconciliation. In other words, he helped me at the helm and to steer “the ship”.


Now put this information all together with what happened and you will see how real this situation really was.


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