Some concrete evidence

I will show some evidence that I have at the moment. Here is the talk I had while Benjamin was possessed on the night of the Snow full moon, lunar eclipse, and comet (February 11th, 2017) while at a hospital. It was the night that resonates with a lot of Christians that our time is near, not to sound prophetic but it seems to be even truer after seeing what was said and the fact he was attacked viciously again the night before by the spirit. Here are images of my late at night Skype conversation with Anthony (Benjamin’s brother) on Ben’s alt account: and with Benjamin possessed by the Antichrist spirit:

I was trying to hold back evil by saying to disarm people with weapons instead of killing them and to let people know what it truly wanted before it started to go into full rage mode. All it wanted was to find its love that was connected to another teen girl named Chelsea in Houston Texas and for Benjamin from San Gabriel California to be with her eternally and Skype video with her regularly. The spirit would be able to see the other one attached to Chelsea. The spirit has what it wanted now and they’re even in better condition together. They love each other even though they are 1000 miles apart. I am continuing to watch over Benjamin now and ensure he stays happy. I tried asking for a picture from Anthony but to no avail as he was helping a swat member who got injured by it. I am not scared to push out information because I know the government can’t do anything about it as well. The thing is unstoppable in that evil state like spirits from the Beyond Two Souls video game movie. That is the gist of what is happening even now. It also makes sense in the grand scheme of things – for the fact that I was bowing to its will, it’s all powerful but only wants its love and forced me to get her back to him. I am that false prophet – as I am not actually a prophet. I’m not and I don’t want to be looked at as one. I am only just pushing info out at intervals all for you to see and realize this truth.

Here’s another song : Fighting On Our Own by Loreno Mayer, Edyra & Nickobella

With love and light, always~


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