How the story goes

Here is the full on story in full or just a rehash of it all again. I will touch base on things further and show some evidence to support my claims but it is all something that has truly happened to me, Benjamin and Chelsea.

For people not understanding the simplicity of it all, this is what happened with my truest of words or let the Holy Father smite me for it as I’ve said before in my “Where it all started” blogpost of the documentation of events from song to song. I will first say what happened or needed to happen in a more compact version and then the story afterwards. Basically it went like this: Benjamin needed to be with Chelsea forever, not because I think of them as soul-mates or he does (he actually does not want a relationship). They are connected together by spirits influencing them by the spiritual crystal that is within them. Yes, a magical concept but it is in my truest sense of the word! They represent the “Adam and Eve” of our generation as they are about 14/15 years old and don’t believe in any religion. Today you may notice that many younger people are becoming agnostic and atheistic while many older souls are becoming more spiritual oriented. It wasn’t good at first but I helped them along the way. If I had done nothing there would be no telling what would have happened, like if they were to die unnaturally.. there will be unforetold consequences. I represent the healer of their mental state, their mediator in this.

As for the difficulty of getting them together, Emotion we will call him for now (the possessors code name) did something to their relationship in early December and made her hate and distrust ‘him’ (and Ben too). It was not Ben who did it but his possessor! Yes, he was possessed by an evil entity – most likely Satan’s son, the Antichrist – he wouldn’t say, but he thought I knew who he was two days after the snow moon on the 11th of February. I was told to try to win her trust again and I had over one week to do so. A normal exorcism or deliverance of spirits would have done nothing since other spirits were attached to Ben and the Anti-Christ spirit said it would have no effect. Benjamin also said he tried several times when I asked him again at one point. He would be released and would just return to Benjamin again. The Antichrist told me on the day of the snow moon that all he wanted was to be with Carly, he wanted his love who is attached to Chelsea and that his mission will be complete once that happens.

It got to a point late in February where he had enough of waiting for Chelsea to come back to him (Emotion) and respond to me and put matters into his own hands to make Chelsea have to respond to him by force. He blackmailed her and forced her to respond or her family would be forfeit to pay a hefty fine for Benjamins suffering at the hands of the Antichrist spirit hurting him and releasing images he had of her. Benjamin was also about to give up on February 25th, THE DAY BEFORE THE EVIL SPIRIT WAS GOING TO LOSE CONTROL OF BENJAMIN AND KILL HIM, THEN ME IN NEW YORK, THEN CHELSEA!!! The following day, CHELSEA CAME BACK TO HIM! It was a miracle! I even prayed they would be together again days before and when I did start to pray, lightning flashed and once I finished the prayer, the lightning crashed. It was amazing, it was spectacular! I knew something happened then. The Antichrist spirit “thanked me” even when I “did nothing” and said “Mission accomplished” to me through snapchat text and that “I did good.”

Chelsea is now back with Benjamin and they both healed back to normal. Chelsea almost died though.. she almost killed herself because the Antichrist spirit affects her since Ben and Chelsea are connected. Her spirit does things to her like creates her extreme anxiety and depression through oppression of not seeing the Antichrist spirit / Emotion. Things seem good now except something is wrong with Benjamin’s right eye and it still has me a bit worried and that is how the truth goes. I MEAN IT. I REALLY DO!! God makes things happen in mysterious ways that’s for sure. I have done my research and I eternally hope that you understand this for my sake. It is hard going it alone without any support.

Here is the Skype images: and here is the Snapchat text images: (sorry that the images are of low quality, I had to use my old phone camera). This is what I call the truer proof of concept, just the things that are said I mean at some parts….

Also here’s the full Skype chats with Emotion Benjamin (or mostly with the Antichrist spirit; some of his brother Anthony since he shares his account) and here’s the chat with mostly Benjamin and some of the Antichrist spirit He sometimes switches between accounts so you almost have to have them side by side such as at the start. There is a lot to go through here so I recommend a lot of time, a good time slot to go through these. I may touch base on some of it but I thought I might as well give it out. This is a non-fictional story.

As always heres a song: Starlyte ft. Brenton Mattheus – When The Earth Goes Dark

With love and light, always~


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