Where it all started

I started to write down my thoughts I had while undergoing this personal tribulation I’ve had back in early February. I knew there was something more to this kid who was having “troubles” and my curiosity and hospitality for someone undergoing a hard time got to me. Here is my Youtube playlist of that whole situation from song to song : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfzNBUfN4mUM_JBkGBbsf0O13eYMOExQc. Be sure to check out the full documentation of events from song to song (while listening if you please) : http://pastebin.com/3xc4c5zX. Understand that the whole is what you need to understand with all this. If I were to say a few things you would not follow it or that I’m making things up as I go along which I am not. I am an extremely honest person – maybe too honest I say but I thought people should know this because I feel so alone in it being the only one who understands this truth.

I had my thoughts of how things were with him and that this was not your normal teen. This is over the net and I am not physically with him mind you: Something seemed off about him, he seemed schizophrenic and bi-polar but was alarmed that he suddenly changed at 11:30 one night and seemed like another person entirely. It was scary but I stayed put and didn’t want to abandon him. Later on, another thing happened that points towards possession and I was amazed at his quick recovery – 80+ lacerations all over him and had unusually high white blood cell counts. He was scared and being oppressed and was locked in his room but I only ‘joked’ that he was being oppressed, majorly depressed or just pranking me as the possibilities until ‘that night’ of the snow moon. All three extremes were thought like everyone else would. Then there was a talk of spirits the next day and what “it” generally wants or it would continue to torment him. Things seemed to go well after those happenings but the hardships he endured started to permeate again. I decided to stay with him and help him along on his ride even though I had my doubts and other thoughts of him. Suddenly one day my eyes were truly opened on that night of the snow moon, lunar eclipse and comet. The reason I mention these celestial events is because it coincides in what religious people call “the end of days” and that is apparent. I held on (for a month and more now) for the ride of my life without anyone there for me who understood it all. All the information was given to me that night. That this was more than a troubled teen and that he was possessed by this powerful bi-polar spirit with two extremes. Noticing that this wasn’t your average teen on the night of the snow moon and I have said this to myself after crazy things happened : “I will rise up as a spire against the sky and evil will not question me why, for I hold the key to love and life” and I started to undergo huge changes within myself. That’s how things started, what seemed to be a normal teen I befriended online becomes something much more. While possessed, “he” typed to me on his phone on Skype and I have the whole logs, everything. All the concrete evidence.

I became spiritually awakened that night, I smelled the brimstone sulfur twice (once while I was sitting down and another time as I walked back into my room after checking for something burning; it felt like a wall of smoke in the doorway), heard the chimes at my ear (but none are around outside and it sounded like it was right where I sat), and the Earth shaking beneath me or me shaking involuntarily (there being no tremors recorded that day and no trucks that passed our house at the time) but all in the same day just hours or minutes from each other. I clearly smelled, heard and felt them all. I knew I had a 6th sense, to react to stimuli that are hidden or passed on from the supernatural, from spirits good or bad.

As always, here have a song “of the times” by Tristam – Truth

Sometimes I wonder if the world is really ready for me with this truth and will continue to hide the fact of its reality. -J.L.


With love and light, always~


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