My spiritual vibrations

Sometimes I can’t help myself when thinking of my personal connection with God. I start to push up my head and shake it back and forth lightly when I have intense thoughts of oneness with Jesus Christ, with God and the angels. It happens involuntarily and I can’t stop it. It feels like butterflies in my stomach, a surge of energy, of love flowing through me and it feels so warm and good! I mostly feel it around my crown chakra but at times it rushes down from my head to my feet and it feels delightful, like being hugged by angels – their feathery wings against me. Being embraced by their ever-lasting love. Sometimes looking at angel numbers and it showing exactly how I feel when I look up that number. Like 7:11 PM, angel number 711 for instance: here. It feels incredible at times how connected I feel with my angels especially when I think of them or when my intuition is realized. I make sure to look at the time at times and whenever I hear a phone ring or a car beeping, etc. I take note of it. I ran into a good friend out of the blue on a walk just before and his name is Angel. Just learning from them feels so rewarding.


Music is a form of flattery for me so here’s Angel by Vanze and Reunify


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