My introduction

Just wanted to start off here by saying I won’t hold back anything I say but I’ll stay within reasoning. There is a lot to catch up on and I’ll try not to let the past experiences take too much of the time but a lot has happened to me if you followed me on my Youtube channel. So I can’t promise you that. I forgot about this site actually and how easy it is to just blog out my thoughts and feelings to you all. This is a test to see how this works and to try to find connections I can trust. Some sort of outreach and to see what people think of this. That is why I am here. To catch some ascended minds and true-to-life souls. So I thank you for your future support here and we’ll see where this goes. It’s a lot to take in at first glance and trying to find the right audience for it since I know how some people would react at it all. For me it takes A LOT to get used to. Not everyday do you have spirits taking over someones body and typing to you – telling you that they have a spirit overlooking you when you are 2000 miles away and that someone else (a spirit who possessed someone) is searching for you, searching for information on a “particular person or persons.” That is what this is all about. My spiritual journey literally AND figuratively.

This is not a joke in the slightest and I know what you are thinking. That I am bi-polar, schizophrenic, and making up my own personalities and stories or that I’m crazy or naive but this is how simple it is.. how frustratingly and irritatingly simple especially during this age.. I am the most honest loyal person to the point that it kills me. A deception.. a mundane yet divine occurrence that means a lot more than anyone could ever know. It’s quite bothersome to me that the world doesn’t believe, doesn’t fathom a simple fact. I am actually sick and tired of people brushing me off  when I am being completely open and 100% honest about the situation. Now I know how Noah felt like back then. With no one at all believing him and him calling bloody wolf that something WILL happen and everyone just turns their noses. Then in a little while the 40 day flood truly starts and he is the only one above the waters and tried to tell them but it was too late. That’s how I feel right now. I need someone to believe me, someone close but at the same time not too close if that makes sense. That is why I am scared to reveal it to people and at the same time wanting to have someone be there for me. Even if it’s something big and it will change their thoughts of me. I just hope I don’t scare them off with it and they believe. If I were to lose someone or any of my best friends from it in real life I don’t know what I would do with myself. I just need some support.. just one soul that understands what I’m going through. I may even die from this ghost thing searching for me Chelsea, and Benjamin I don’t even know but that’s how serious I am about this or I wouldn’t be here and I say it again. This is bigger than anything happening at the moment and no one but me and Benjamin knows about it.

This is sort of my theme song by TheFatRat: The Calling

I think it’s important to get this current generation back on track religiously and spiritually. That’s another reason why I am here.


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